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Created By: KrawaCabana
Added On: 04/28/21
Published On: 04/28/21
Updated On: 03/13/23

Cereal flakes, brown sugar, cinnamon, baked apple

This is a remix of BJ Evil Creeple


  • CAP Apple Snacks Main character of this recipy. Very delicious cinnamon cereal stuff with a touch of baked apple

  • CNV Corn Flakes For more cereal flavor.

  • FA Milk Adds a light creamy note to the cereals. Helps to fill the body

  • CAP Cinnamon Sugar Set some cinnamon on top of the profile. Also add some brown sugar flavor

  • CAP Super Sweet For extra sweetness

Additional Notes

Recommended stepptime for minimum 7 days. Better 10 - 14 days for developping the cereals This is for dl & mtl. By DL you got more depth. MTL the cinnamon goes first, cereals come at the end.

Testing Notes

Developed on Drop Solo RDA & Taifun GTIV. (Both 45W, 0.4Ohm with Ni80/Ni90 Alien Coils)

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPApple Snacks 6
CAPCinnamon Sugar 1
CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
CNVCorn Flakes 3
FAMilk 1
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:11.5%