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Created By: ptigad
Added On: 04/28/21
Published On: 04/28/21
Updated On: 05/07/22


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Being a big fan of FA Mango Indian Special, I decided to experiment with adding some to the awesome Thicket (by contravention). After testing different percentages (1% to 3% in 0.5% increments), I've settled on a nice even 2%. All the notes from the original recipe still hold. Awesome off the shake and the flavors hold up for well over 30 days.

=== Original Thicket Notes === Mixed berries, no creams or bakeries

Using forest fruit as a building block will get you a 'decent at worst' result 90% of the time. With as much as it has going on, I only needed a couple berries to push into a bit of a new direction while still keeping the heart of the vape distinctly forest fruit. Wanting to get a little more saturated currant flavor up front, sweet currant was an easy grab. Blueberry juicy ripe is a flavor that I've beeen digging for awhile and it pairs nicely with the sweet currant. The dragonfruit is used at a 1 percent to add a little background note while also blending this whole thing into a tasty mixed berry profile. I like it with a quarter percent sweetener and mix every other 30ml with 1% ws23 but feel free to dress it up how you like.

This can be vaped off the literal shake and you will get a delicious currant and blueberry forward vape, 24 hrs and it starts to meld together.

Derived from Thicket by kontravention

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.25
CAPSweet Currant 1.5
FABlueberry Juicy Ripe 1.75
FAForest Fruit Mix 4
FAMango Indian Special 2
TPADragonfruit 1
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:10.5%