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Created By: ChaoticKinesis
Added On: 12/26/19
Published On: 12/26/19
Updated On: 05/18/22

My attempt at a frozen pink lemonade.

Standard lemonade mix with cooling on the inhale and the exhale.

I liked the combination of INW Shisha Strawberry and TPA Strawberry Ripe for the sweet strawberry, while mellowing out the flavor.

INW Raspberry gives it a bit of tang, while FA Raspberry gives more of that "pink" and some extra sweetness.

Cactus just goes so well with this flavor with the wetness and overall profile. I might try increasing it a bit in the future, when I'm ready to mix some more.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FABerryl (raspberry) 0.75
FAPolar Blast 0.75
INWCactus 0.25
INWLemon Mix 0.5
INWRaspberry 0.75
INWShisha Strawberry 1
LALemonade 5
OTHRWS-23 0.75
TPAStrawberry (ripe) 1.5
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:11.25%