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Added On: 09/10/19
Published On: 09/10/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Monte Carlo biscuits are an Australian sweet biscuit that have been manufactured since 1926 by Arnott's Biscuits Holdings.

Each biscuit comprises two biscuit layers sandwiching a creamy filling, while many such biscuits are molded to a design, both sides of the Monte Carlo biscuit are rough. The biscuit layers have a mild taste of golden syrup, honey and coconut, and the cream layer consists of a vanilla flavoured cream filling surrounded by a thin toffee-like coating of raspberry jam.

If you want coconut, add 0.4% vt desiccated coconut.

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Flavoring Ingredients

MFWild Raspberry 0.4
VTBiscuit Base 3
VTGolden Syrup 0.4
VTRaspberry Jam 1.2
VTVanilla Buttercream Frosting 1
VTVanilla Cream 1
WFCookie Butter SC 1.4
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:8.4%