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Created By: bjorama
Added On: 08/29/19
Published On: 08/29/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

I suppose this is my virgin tobacco recipe since I'm giving it up for the first time. I subscribe to the less is more school of mixing and the 1-2-3 game makes it fun to do so. Not a whole lot to figure out here though. I've always liked TPA's Western. I think it's underrated or at least I don't see it used very often. The Western seems "familiar" to me when vaped and it gives this recipe a little something dirty. Oh yeah, FA Custard Premium is probably the best single flavor I"ve ever tasted. If you haven't tried, your missing out. Nice smooth buttery, cigar like flavor. I tried it after 7 days and its pretty tatsty. I'm sure it's only gonna get better. If you mix it, please leave some feedback. Always open to suggestions and shit...

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Flavoring Ingredients

FWCaramel Candy 2
FACustard Premium 3
TPAWestern 1
Conditioning Time: 10 Days Total Flavor:6%