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Created By: DumHed
Added On: 08/25/19
Published On: 08/25/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

I wanted to create a funky tropical summer mix and use some of my new flavors.

SHISHA MANGO+ISLAND MANGO- I have been really digging this combo, shisha mango is pretty ripe, and island mango is a bit under-ripe. Combined I think they make a great balanced mango.

TPA PAPAYA+WF PAPAYA- I really enjoy the tropical muskiness of tpa papaya and like using it @ 2%. Wf papaya is excellent, and it has a nice tropical sweetness. I didnt want too much of it to be present, I'm mainly using it for its sweetness and letting the tpa papaya shine.

VT YELLOW PASSION+WF PASSIONFRUIT- VT yellow passion is great and pretty much the best passionfruit around, I want it to be very present, so I am maxing it out @ 2%. I am using WF passionfruit mainly for its citrus notes @ 1%. I was going to drop it completely and add a lemon or orange flavor, but I felt this was best utilized in this mix, instead of adding other erroneous flavors that would be distracting and get in the way.

Think of this as a sort of tropical diharrea, Hard to spell but easy to get. I like to use .4% FW sweetener or.25% SS, the mix is pretty sweet already, so its not essential.

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Flavoring Ingredients

VTShisha Mango 3
VTYellow Passion 2
WFIsland Mango 2.5
WFPapaya SC 2
WFPassionfruit SC 1
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:10.5%