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Created By: LaJuanaPipa
Added On: 08/23/19
Published On: 08/23/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

the idea was an ice cream sandwich of mascarpone with a nice chewy and crispy almond cookie I’m not sure if it fits to the idea but sure it is going to be a good one. I use the cc trinity to get the cream cheese feel and a little crust, probably I should go there with la cci or caps creamy yog and also fw yog But In this iteration I preffer going this way. The hs fvic plus tpa bvic for the buttery ice cream base and the vanilla touch an ice cream needs plus hs fvic wich also helps in the sourness, I feel this accent very cheese more than I wanted with the average use of it. That is why I only dropped 0.25% here. The cookies and the almond + marzipan for the cookie part of the sandwich.

Critics welcomed Let me know what you think Feliz vapeo Keep mixing

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