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Created By: BananaSlamma
Added On: 08/09/19
Published On: 08/09/19
Updated On: 05/08/23

Straight up delicious banana pudding with a forward banana note and cookie finish.

I’ve never enjoyed TPA Banana Cream so LA proved to be the right choice with ripe banana. It, in conjunction with the custard and Catalan cream makes for a velvety smooth cream base. Vanilla bourbon amps things up a bit to further enhance the flavor value of the pudding feel of the vape while marshmallow creates a solid and impactful body/mouthfeel.

Cookie and biscuit make for a delightful cookie note even if the percentages are small. They're not overpowered by the banana at all and provide their own intricacies to the recipe to make it come off as a pudding with wafers sitting on top.

Sweetener is optional and up to the individual mixer. I use .50% here because it makes it all the more scrumptious. Enjoy!

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
FABourbon (vanilla Bourbon) 0.5
FACatalan Cream 1
FACookie 1
FACustard 2
FAMarshmallow 1
JFBiscuit 1
LABanana Cream 5
TPARipe Banana 0.4
Conditioning Time: 4 Days Total Flavor:12.4%