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Created By: bbussal
Added On: 08/07/19
Published On: 08/07/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Note: TPA Mild Black is now renamed TPA Cigarillo.

A joke turned serious, a proof of concept that some flavours have such strong off notes that can be capitalised on, and even used as main flavours.

When I was testing TPA Mild Black (it's renamed now to Cigarillo) I found it to be quite fruity (leaning towards peach) and the tobacco is quite leafy (similar to tea aroma), as for JF Boysenberry struck me as a white peach more than anything else, a bit dry and medicinal...

By combining those, accomplishing both covering up the Boysenberry medicinal note by the leafy note in the Cigarillo and reinforcing the fruity-peach note in the Cigarillo, came up a quite interesting peach-tea.

The mix was a bit dry and thin, needed a bit juiciness and depth, that is where the Fuji apple came, adding the required amount of juiciness and sweetness to the mix.

Optionally, you can add 0.25% super sweet for more sweetness, and 0.25% FA Black tea if you like tea to be more pronounced

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAApple Fuji 0.2
JFBoysenberry 0.3
TPAMild Black 1.5
Conditioning Time: 0 Days Total Flavor:2%