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Created By: xoxmx
Added On: 08/07/19
Published On: 08/07/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Of course there is no such a thing as Pink Sprite. At least not in this form.

Dew Mountain is not the greatest flavour of all time, but mixed right, you can get a really nice results. It has a really nice citrus and somehow bitter note. And it reminds me of Sprite. LA lemonade is here to boost the lemonade base since I didn't wanted to push the Dew Mountain too high. Everybody loves bubbles, right? Fizzy Sherbet at your service. And now the pink element - I have decided to go with the RF Pink Candy SC. It's prominent, it's round, tart and pink. Yout don't need another berry fruit since the Pinky Candy can stand on its own. Enjoy.

Add sweetener or cooling agent of your choice and preference, SS by Cap works the best for me around 0.15% (1 drop/10 ml). I do not like cooling.

Tested on NarCA RDA, 42W, 0.3 Ohm, Framed Staple Ni80.

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Flavoring Ingredients

LBDew Mountain 2.5
LALemonade 2
RFPink Candy – SC 1.6
VTFizzy Sherbet 1.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:7.6%