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Created By: kriswk
Added On: 10/06/16
Published On: 10/06/16
Updated On: 11/23/21

I have here a tasty rendition of spiced strawberries and apples cooked in sugar with a bit of apple cider. I think this version has to be my favorite. Its sweet and tangy. I tried so many versions attempting to recreate a sugary, jammy but tart compote. There were a few ingredients i wanted to try but couldnt, given the flavor limitations but honestly it came out great. Using this combo of strawberries created a nice jammy taste. i was catching some harshness from Fuji so i added in a bit of TFA Marshmallow just to round things off and add some sweetness since this treat is cooked in sugar. FA Liquid Amber was a great help with getting that cooked apple flavor as well as making it seem like there was apple cider working in there. CDS is simply giving us our cinnamon spice, although that flavor creates a bit of a throaty feeling but luckily the marshmallow is assisting with that. All in all, i like the way this came out. I hope others like it as well. Enjoy

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCinnamon Danish Swirl 0.5
FALiquid Amber 0.25
FARed Touch (strawberry) 0.5
JFFuji 3
TPAMarshmallow 0.75
TPAStrawberry (ripe) 5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:10%