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Created By: DadaFry
Added On: 06/03/19
Published On: 06/03/19
Updated On: 05/24/23

Profile: Triple stuffed Oreo cookie.

Steep: Alright off the shake but really takes 3 days to start to fill in and blend fully. At 1-2 weeks it takes on the Oreo taste with a nice creamy vanilla filling.

Flavour Breakdown: TBV Cookie and Creameos - This flavour I find to taste like crushed Oreo cookie (without filling)

CAP Vanilla Custard (v1) - This is my go to bakery custard, gives to the creamy vanilla body

TFA Vanilla Swirl - I wanted a vanilla right in the front of the mix and fits really well with the other 2 vanillas

TFA French Vanilla Deluxe - I love this flavour, I find it adds a rich and creamy vanilla butter taste.

CAP Sugar Cookie - a nice addition to add to the cookieness of the blend

FA Meringue - This transforms vanilla cream / custard base into a more sugary version making it more Oreo filling like.

This has been an awesome ADV cookie vape for me I can't put down, I hope others enjoy it as much as I do.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSugar Cookie 0.75
CAPVanilla Custard 3.5
FAMeringue 0.25
TPAFrench Vanilla Deluxe 2
TPAVanilla Swirl 1.25
WFChocolate Cookie Crust SC 3.25
Conditioning Time: 14 Days Total Flavor:11%