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Created By: JayWay
Added On: 05/25/19
Published On: 05/25/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Blueberry Trinity Tobacco. The BlueTrinity is more of a darker, real Blueberry taste (no candy here!), and it doesn't reveal itself untill at least 1 week steep (for 70% VG). Other tobaccos tend to overwhelm (will post when satisfied) but this mix of sweet (INW) Am4A and (INW) Absolute Virginia pairs nicely, keeping it sweet and gentle, letting the berries shine through.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FWBlueberry 2
FABilberry 0.75
INWAm4a 1.5
INWTobacco Absolute Virginia 1
TPABlueberry (extra) 3.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:8.75%