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Created By: NastyNate
Added On: 05/09/19
Published On: 05/09/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

A light fluffy banana nut bread filled with delectable sweet fuji apple chunks. Strange profile I know, but I love the TPA banana nut bread for a bakery base that isn't too heavy. I think it takes away a bit of sharpness from the fuji and they blend really well together.

I added the INW biscuit to add that kind of hard crunchiness you get on the edges and corners you get in a traditional banana bread.

The FA meringue really just helps mold everything together and gives the recipe a nice powder sugar/ light cream after taste.

Sticking with only four flavors that most people have was tough, but i enjoyed the challenge. I tried to go a little bit out of the box here and it think it turned out pretty well.

I add but .3 % super sweet, but it is optional.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAApple Fuji 1.75
FAMeringue 1
INWBiscuit 1
TPABanana Nut Bread 3
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:6.75%