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Created By: Kittybit
Added On: 05/06/19
Published On: 05/06/19
Updated On: 02/26/22

Profile: Candied Apple

Background Info: So I mixed up a recipe, that I actually didn't care for. Much worse was it, that I brought it to work too so I was stuck with it all day long. Came home, sat down, thought of my inventory as I needed a SnV immediately - and then it came to me. I need a candied apple! So I mixed this up - little trial and error and I got it just perfect after a couple of tries.

Choices: FA Fuji - Being low on apples in general, my choice fell on this, as it's the sweet kind of apple I'm after. VT Blood Plum - While my mix here does have a weak aftertaste of the plum, my choice on this was strictly for the candy flavor VT Blood Plum has. Therefor 1% VT Salted Caramel - Usually I go FW Caramel (Salted) when I want something caramel, but it's very potent, and VT's version is a little bit more damp in it. Needed that for the apple not to be overpowered. FA Butterscotch - There's to back-up the VT Salted Caramel and add a little butteriness to it. CAP Super Sweet - Helps pretty much about anything in this mix to make it all more bright.


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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.25
FAApple Fuji 3
FAButterscotch 0.75
VTBlood Plum 1
VTSalted Caramel 1.25
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:6.25%