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Created By: BigOs
Added On: 05/05/19
Published On: 05/05/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Use Sexy Mango by Reka but isn't listed, I'm mango mad at the moment and loving REK flavours, sexy mango has a slight chill to it but feel free to add ws23 if you need more, it's also v strong and imo WF banana candy Is the best banana out there, Its banana heavy with a touch of mango (low mint ;)) with a back note of coconut (evolves after a few days) Marshmallow just to blend/add sweetness. Loving this atm 👌

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAMarshmallow 1
TPACoconut Extra 0.75
VTIce Mango 1
WFBanana Candy SC 4
Conditioning Time: 2 Days Total Flavor:6.75%