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Created By: RudeRudi
Added On: 05/04/19
Published On: 05/04/19
Updated On: 05/08/23

A thick, layered custard slice adorned with honeycomb.

FILLING The filling is comprised of my unfailing 1-2-3 brulee stone with the brûlée knocked down ever so slightly. I have been using this base for a while now & it keeps on delivering. To me, the is a pre-eminent custard which just works magically here...Thick an d creamy oral pleasure...

Pastry Layer I recently discovered WF Croissant and very impressed with it's brilliant performance. It manages to encapsulate the delicate croissant pasty notes perfectly and with relative ease. A touch of FA cookie provides a bit of texture to round of the pastry layer.

VT honeycomb is a remarkable revelation and allows us to mix honey based recipes with confidence. This provides a subtle honey note with a touch of texture to bring this recipe alive!

Give this baby 5 days to settle...

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Flavoring Ingredients

FACookie 1
INWCreme Brulee (yc) 1.5
INWCustard 3
INWShisha Vanilla 1
VTHoneycomb 3
WFCroissant SC 3
Conditioning Time: 5 Days Total Flavor:12.5%