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Created By: Xinoka
Added On: 05/01/19
Published On: 05/01/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

I made this juice in about 45 seconds. Had food in the microwave and realised I'd left my last bottle of good juice at work.

Used the LA Lemonade pretty low as I find it a bit harsh, didn't really want a super strong lemon flavour.

Used cactus about 1% higher than I've ever used it before as an accident, scale wasn't working correctly and didn't register until I'd used too much. Anyway it really helps make the flavour sticky somehow, love it!

For anyone who's ever had Allen's Red Frogs before, this tastes very similar, with a slight yellow frog on the exhale. Super sweet, super chewy. You can almost feel it sticking in your back teeth!

This is my first actual original recipe and it's definitely an ADV!

Mixed at max VG, possibly worth adding 10% PG to bring the flavour out a bit more.

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Flavoring Ingredients

FALemon Sicily 1
INWCactus 1.5
INWRaspberry 7
LALemonade 3.5
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:13%