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Created By: SrMixAlot
Added On: 04/28/19
Published On: 04/28/19
Updated On: 11/23/21

Everyone knows how much I love to mix with Wonder Flavours concentrates and this reflects the flavors all right here.. This is a fun recipe and using the last 2 releases of the flavors from Frank and his team of guru's. Strawberry Baked is such an original flavor profile.. It's as if they were literally pulled right from the oven and put into the mix where as the Cobbler ( Berry ) really enhances the strawberry as a fully baked component. Strawberry Candy give's the high's of a strawberry with the sweetness the mix needed.. Cream Filling with the Marshmallow round out the high edges and gives the mouth an overall full feeling.

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Flavoring Ingredients

WFCobbler (Berry) SC 2.5
WFCream Filling SC 2
WFMarshmallow (Gooey) SC 1
WFStrawberry (Baked) 2.5
WFStrawberry Gummy Candy SC 2.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:10.5%