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Created By: MECH_MOD_RN
Added On: 02/11/19
Published On: 02/11/19
Updated On: 02/19/22


A valentines day cocktail - Sweet strawberry on the inhale that transitions to the slight tart bright citrus & rhubarb finish best vaped on an RDA at 50 - 60 watts This was made on FRESH 03 fundraiser

I like the mix of a tart and sweet in a cocktail and this mix does just that Rhubarb compote is a slightly sweet thick almost syrup rhubarb paired with glazed strawberry create that sweet simple syrup of the mix.
sweet and sour rhubarb adds that back sour note along with some of the fizzy sherbet for those additional citrus notes fuji apple adds some more bright top notes and inherit sweetness sugar cane adds that darker sweetness of the sugar cover rim of a martini glass

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAApple Fuji 1
VTFizzy Sherbet 3
VTGlazed Strawberries 2
VTRhubarb Compote 3
VTRussian Vodka 3
VTSugar Cane 0.75
WFSweet and Sour Rhubarb SC 3
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:15.75%