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Created By: Jazzy_girl
Added On: 07/23/18
Published On: 07/23/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

The VTA strawberry milk goes perfectly in a milkshake!! This is the flavor ive been waiting for to make my sb milshake where i want it. This is pretty straightforward for a delicious thick milkshake! I vape it as soon as im done mixing and it steeps out into a thicker creamier milkshake as time goes on. This is an excellent energy drink for me! The strawberry faded a little after a week so i added strawberry juicy and yummmm

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Flavoring Ingredients

FAJuicy Strawberry 2
INWShisha Vanilla 1.5
LBVanilla Ice Cream 3
OOOCream Milky Undertone PG 1.5
TPAStrawberry (ripe) 2
VTStrawberry Milk 3.5
Conditioning Time: 7 Days Total Flavor:13.5%