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Created By: Tootall
Added On: 07/23/18
Published On: 07/23/18
Updated On: 05/08/23

This is not a clone but a remix of vape wilds best selling e juice murica. Murica is a bomb pop flavor. I have never had murica before so i cant tell you if i like it or not. So i was looking for ideas for recipes when i found out the vape wilds #1 selling e juice is a bomb pop flavor called murica. So i figured i haven't ever made a bomb pop and it sounded good. So this is my take on a bomb pop. You can probably add coolant or ws-23 but i hate all forms of coolant unless i am sick i dont vape any cooling agent..

So a bomb pop is made up of cherry, blue raz, and lime. I used tfa cherry extract because its actually pretty dam good. At 4% its perfect it adds a great cherry for this bomb pop. For the blue raz i used real flavors blue raz super concentrate. I find that you can take it up a little higher than you would normally take a super concentrate and i actually prefer this one up to 3-4% at 4% in this recipe it adds a good blue raz syrupy sweetness. Then i added a little tiny .50% of tfa dragon fruit an d i added this to help that syrupy sweetness that comes from a Bomb Pop. The last layer is the white layer. The white layer is lime so after trying a few i landed on lime tahity cold pressed i went with .75% because i wanted the lime present but not overpowering because lets be honest the best parts of a bomb pop are the blue and red sections😜. Or at least they are my favorite sections and its my recipe so...... Sweetener in this recipe is a good thing in my opinion because no one likes sugar free bomb pops. Use whatever your preferred sweetener is and at your desired strength. Personally i went just a touch higher than my usual amount of sweetener. I normally use .35% of flavorah sweetness but i ran out and ended up using .50% cap super sweet. As soon as possible i am going to get another 4oz or maybe even 8oz bottle of flv sweetness because i definitely prefer it over super sweet but most prefer super sweet go figure lol.

Steep time: This is a good old shake and vape but it is probably best after it has a night to rest and let the flavors come together a little.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPSuper Sweet 0.5
FALime Tahity Cold Pressed 0.75
RFBlue Raz – Super Concentrate 4
TPACherry Extract 4
TPADragonfruit 0.5
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:9.75%