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Created By: RudeRudi
Added On: 07/22/18
Published On: 07/22/18
Updated On: 05/08/23

A rich & creamy vanilla ice cream drenched with homemade butterscotch sauce...

This took a few attempts but I think I cracked the butterscotch sauce here. I wanted that caramelized sugar element inherently present in traditional butterscotch which was lacking in the standard variations. I tried a few things including Brown Sugar, Creme Brulee, etc but, alas, none of those delivered. I found inspiration in a simple, often used ingredient and it worked a charm!

FA & FW Butterscotch Both of these these are magnificent butterscotch's and I simply could not choose one over another, so I used both! At 2% each, they compliment one another beautifully to provide that rich and sweet butter and sugar goodness associated with a real butterscotch.

FA Caramel boosts the butterscotch and provides the faux dark brown sugary element without being bitter or overpowering.

The ice cream come compliments of my go-to VIC = LB Vanilla Ice Cream. This baby combines the best of CAP and TPA VBIC without any pepper notes (I am unfortunately a pepper taster) and is a creamy, full, real vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is made more indulgent with the help of a smidgen of HS French Vanilla Ice Cream, which takes this from great to magnificent!

To take this over the edge, further indulgence is provided by FA Cream Fresh, because EVERYTHING tastes better with Cream. Seriously, this knocks the butterscotch into shape a bit and tones the mix to the perfect level of creaminess and sweetness.

Holy Vanilla is just heaven in a bottle and is used to amplify the vanilla in the ice cream base...

Give this baby at least 2 weeks to settle...


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