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Created By: DIYDownunderPippa
Added On: 07/19/18
Published On: 07/19/18
Updated On: 05/08/23

An authentic wet juicy and beautiful Peach that has an amazingly full mouthfeel. The Fa White Peach with Caps Juicy Peach make a lovely juicy peach stone but to take it to the next level I round the edges off with a little FA Apricot which also adds a little more moisture as does the INW Cactus. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating this from these fine concentrates.

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPJuicy Peach 1
FWSweetener 0.5
FAArmenia (apricot) 0.25
FAPeach White 3
INWCactus 0.25
Conditioning Time: 1 Days Total Flavor:5%