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Created By: MiamiBulldog
Added On: 07/13/18
Published On: 07/13/18
Updated On: 11/23/21

the FM cinnamon is actually VapeWild Cinnamon but AlltheFlavors doesn't give you the ability to label your own so I had to randomly pick pulls out the cinnamon a little in the recipe...this isn't spot on but it's pretty great..I will keep working on it but I went through 10 ml very quick..I know most people on here don't use vapewild so try to replace the cinnamon if you don't have it..

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Flavoring Ingredients

CAPCereal 27 4
CAPCinnamon Sugar 3
FMCinnamon 1
TPADairy/Milk 1
TPAToasted Marshmallow 1
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:10%