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Created By: Benoz
Added On: 07/12/18
Published On: 07/12/18
Updated On: 05/08/23

edit i sorry if you have mixed this with the mad fruit but i had to remove it as it brang down the hole recipe i stand by that this is what a redbull should tast like 😀

I was trying to think about how i would replicate a red bull so i went out and bought every red bull drink i could get my hands on. what i soon realised was that i didn't actually like red bull lol or at least the ones i could get from the shop so i went about creating my own perfect red bull using flavours i could get from sydney vapour. i started with the forest fruit and lemonade and it was good but just felt the berry's needed a boost and i remembered some one from one of the forums i follow saying that blueberry is good with lemon so i added a dash of blue berry extra and it was great i vaped 30ml in one day after a 3 day steep and found myself wanting more.


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Flavoring Ingredients

FWSweetener 0.5
FAForest Fruit Mix 3
LALemonade 6
TPABlueberry (extra) 1.5
Conditioning Time: 3 Days Total Flavor:11%