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Notes on the Adaptation:

Let's be honest. There are way better teas now that TFA sweet tea. Enter SSA Black Tea. It's a recent addition to my stash and I wanted to update this recipe immediately after I single flavor tested it. It's a good dry black tea with a nice creamy mouth feel. So right away I knew I could replace the Sweet Tea with it and and 4% the FLV cream is no longer needed. I did supplement it a touch with FLV Black Tea just because it's really basey and I wanted the little bit of top note you get from FLV.

Lastly (and you can leave this part out if you wish) I added a touch of sandalwood with FLV Wood Spice. The nuance of complexity that flavor provides is top notch and leaves very little to desired.

FLV Chai Spice is reeeeally fucking good. It's my favorite of the new flavors.

So Chai Spice Latte's are something that's really special to me. Kitty and my first Christmas together we tried Samurai Chai tea from teavana and we absolutely loved it. So it's become a tradition in our 15 years together to get Samurai Chai every holiday season and enjoy it together. Sadly teavana is no more.

Luckily there's FLV Chai Spice, cardamom, cinnamon, glove and ginger oh yeah this stuff is amazing. It takes the center stage here at 3% you get a really nice spice note for the TPA Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea is so good but it's really weak, I'd recommend picking up at least a 30 ML because it goes fast. Now the thing that make's Samurai what it is is the little bits of orange peel, when the Samurai steeps that orange blooms, it bitter and floral and the perfect compliment to the Chai. I used FA Bergamot here for the sour orange flavor and it's perfect. It sits right in behind the Chai giving it that nice little bit of tart Orange.

Lastly, because this is a latter we need some creamy mouth feel. FLV Cream is nice and thick with a little bit of that spice, pairs up really nicely with the Chai and 2% VT Coffee Milk froth for that foamy buttery goodness on top.

This recipe is really great and I hope you get a chance to try it out!

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An RY4 with many leather bound books that smells of rich mahogany.


So here is the recipe for one of my favourite tobacco juices, sadly Holy Holy Grail RY4 V1 by DIY Flavour Shack has been discontinued. This flavour was actually a one shot and I believe the reason it has been discontinued is due to the one of the ingredients to make this up was also discontinued. So for those with a bit of stock of the OG HHGRY4, please enjoy. It was developed mainly for MTL.

Unfortunately HHGRY4 V2 does not work nearly as well here.

made live on mix party show...interesting off the shake will revisit after the steep...hmmmm...wood spice??

Made for a pod system (the Innokin EQS pod system, to be exact). I wanted something woody and smoky with a heavy-handed pour of vanilla. The Ylang Ylang edges the vanillas in a spicy, floral direction, which meshes well with the Red Oak and sandalwood of Wood Spice. Black Fire adds the char. Vanilla Ruyan, also, helps bring this into the realm of a smoked vanilla essence. Butterscotch is there as deeper note underneath and to bring a level of richness to the table. Even with other devices charged and filled, I keep reaching back for this. It's a welcome change of pace. It's not really like anything else, it just is what it is . . . smoky, woody vanilla

Just for you Fresh03 and Fresh from the kitchen! Trying a floral tobacco here, have no clue how this will turn out! haha.

flavor pro challenge - untested recipe - going for what the picture looks like- day 5 pleasant vape a bit dry. if you like dry tobaccos it's for you. but i think i'll add sweet cream or something to it - okay at two weeks it's a decent tobacco but not very woodsy and still a bit dry - think I will change up the recipe some. Okay increased the wood spice and decreased the fresh cream and added milk & honey

Ok guys, you better man the f*ck up before you try this. This is a mans mans man cigar. It embodies what you think of when you think of a man. A cigar that is reminiscent of Wood/Spice, Beer, Coffee, Bourbon, and tobacco (of course). If you don't have any hair on your chest, you better get some so this can knock it off and grow it back thicker. It needs about a week to sit before you try it, so that gives you a week to grow up before you enjoy this.


A dry, heavily aromatic sandalwood tobacco with grapefruit and vanilla accents. It's sharp, distinct, and fairly well balanced for dealing with an aggressive and distinct sandalwood. This works okay subohm but that sandalwood can be a whole lot to deal with. I prefer it mixed 50/50 in a MTL tank, preferably with a heavy dose of nicotine salts. It helps me from strangling people while I try to find my inner peace. This settles down a bit on a 2 week steep and is probably essential for a subohm type of application, but honestly I've done this after 3 days in a MTL tank without any real ill effect.

This recipe ties together a lot of preoccupations for me.

It was originally conceived as a way to use FLV Wood Spice. It's a really accurate take on sandalwood, but a bit outside of the normal spectrum of flavors in vaping. Trying to figure out a way to use it, I ended up staring at aromatherapy pairings. Turns out lt's used with citrus a lot, including grapefruit.

FLV Pink Guava is another obsession of mine. It's a bit unhealthy. It has some sweeter, fruitier body but the top notes taste a whole lot like Cascade hops with a distinct kind of grapefruit thing going on. And vanilla, why not? I like vanilla with grapefruit and it actually works really well against woody flavors. I was struggling with other vanillas, Vanillin was too bland, and most of the other vanillas bring a lot of cream baggage. But then Flavorah dropped their vanillas. FLV Vanilla Bean is like a darker version of vanillin. Still dry, but darker and more robust than straight vanillin.

I basically had an aromatherapy pairing going on. But it didn't vape all that well. It needed some more dry body. So... why not use tobacco as a base? FLV Cured had some light sandalwood notes going already but was a pretty strait-laced not particularly aromatic tobacco. It was also an opportunity to make an aromatic tobacco that wasn't a big damp mess.

Shoutout to mixers club and cokecan for suffering through earlier versions of this. The input I got was invaluable. I kept on tweaking. The original percentages on cured and pink guava were a bit too delicate and the vanilla wasn't coming through as strong as I had I hoped. Enter FLV Smooth Vanilla. It's a pretty staggering price point, but it's a nice, smooth vanilla with a good body thats also ridiculously concentrated. And I had it. So I threw caution to the wind, added it, and ended up here.

And I picked "The Prayer" for a name because I'm insufferable. This also tastes a lot like incense (in a good way I hope, but the comparison is definitely there.) I've just been praying I could get these flavors to work together.

This one came from me wanting a true tobacco feel with a kick and the Classic cigarette and Wood spice definitely brings this to the table. As it is a different type of aspect of tobacco vape. The Cream and Smooth vanilla gives me the slight creamy notes i wanted in this mix. Red burley was added for texture to the final mixture.

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