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(FLV) Wild Melon

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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A nice light ,sweet and Creamy Melon Ice cream. Steep 5 days. Light notes of vanilla and sweet Creaminess. If your a melon fan you will love it.


Started as Candy Green Apple, then the idea changed to lime candy, then lime-ade. Now it's landed on this concoction of green candy goodness. :) Enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts.
Also if you're a very seasonal style vaper, save this one for this upcoming spring/summer.


The TEA: VT Jasmine Green Tea makes up the bulk of our tea base. It's got brilliant green notes and subtle Jasmine that are excellent on their own, but since they'll be mixed with some strong competitors I've decided to bulk that base up with a little FA Black Tea to boost the tannic/tea base and some additional Jasmine from FA to create a strong over all tea base. These 3 together in this combination make an excellent tea base with room for fruit or any other additives.

The Melon: FLV Wild Melon is a brilliant melon mix that never dissapoints. The downside to it is that when you take it up to 1-2% it starts to overpower more delicate flavors like our jasmine. So I've left it down at .5% and boosted the sour/melon notes with FLV Sour Apple. You could likely use FA Fuji here in it's place if you don't have FLV Sour Apple, but I really like the way FLV Sour Apple interacts with FLV Wild Melon. Over all you get a sweet, mixed melon overtone to the tea base.

Sweetener: Sucralose works here if you don't keep Erythritol handy, but the earthy sweetness of Erythritol works incredibly well with tea. It's a fair bit weaker than traditional sucralose, so I've settled at 2% here to keep things nice and sweet.

This is a really simple and really tasty Watermelon and cream mix. Its perfect right off the shake, and great to vape in between some bakery flavors and other mixes. Its a perfect light melon mix. I hope you enjoy it like i did/do.


WIld melon is a key player in this, along with bourbon which is a strong profile had to back it down to .5% so it doesnt overpower the mix. FLV virginia is a background flavor alittle mild and earthy notes to give support to FLV KY blend, as for Kentucky blend brings full body tobacco and some ash to the mix.
Overall i believe this is an interesting mix


Since I've been working on heavy recipes lately (Burley Boiz, Rose Cutter, etc), I needed something fruity and cold to cut through and set my palate back. This started off as a simple remix on Strap-On by ID10-T that I really didn't anticipate on releasing. However, after it sat for a few days and I came back to it, I realized it wasn't a remix or a clone of anything, rather, it ended up being it's own interesting little profile. What we have here is something that has a heavy watermelon candy type note, with some hints of the strawberry that give us a more rounded out recipe as a whole. Quick notes below, this doesn't need much explanation.

FA Red Summer / FLV Wild Melon - we already know how this combination works. The FA Watermelon is given more depth from the FLV Wild Melon. A lot of this recipe can be adjusted to taste, this combination being one aspect of it. FA is kind of set in it's way, as 2.5% is pretty much the highest it can successfully go. However, drop it down and boost FLV Wild Melon if you want less of a watermelon vape, and more of a general blend of different melons.

INW Shisha Strawberry - simply used this instead of the FA Red Touch because I was out of FA when I went to mix this. Shisha Strawberry brings a bit more of a syrupy sweetness to the mix. Instead of a more accurate strawberry note, we get something more candied and sticky. I like this being in here, for it allows us to get a candy sweet note without having to use an sweetener.

TPA Honeysuckle - I've been loving what this concentrate does to fruit mixes lately. The subtle floral notes don't overpower at all, but they add a sense of unique depth to any sweet fruit notes. A little touch of vanilla is noticeable, some additional sweetness, and just a hint of something more earthy and floral to give some depth to the strawberry in particular. It's hard to really pinpoint what Honeysuckle is doing in these recipes, but without it, there is a noticeable difference. So my mentality is, don't ask questions, and just enjoy.

WS-23 - you know me, I love my fruit recipes to be cold. Usually I'd say add the WS-23 to taste, but here, once it's pushed into the 1% territory, it actually starts to fuck with the flavour a bit. I don't know if it's just how the cold hits the throat or if we're actually getting some flavour change here, but it wasn't as pleasant. Sort of became a more bitter flavour on the back end that I wasn't happy with. Keep it at or below 0.75 and you'll be good.

Steep - good as a shake and vape, seems to just meld together nicely into this watermelon candy after about 3 days. Reminds me of the Sour Patch Watermelons, without the sour.

Here's how I like my melons - sweet, fresh and juicy.
Do use Honeydew II (TPA) instead of Honeydew (TPA), it will be a different vape!

Enjoy and comment ,


Jolly Ranchers Apple Watermelon Gummies were the inspiration behind this recipe. Damn tasty as a S&V.

Video Link for Notes:

A sweet and tart mix of ripe Strawberries, Kiwi, juicy Watermelon. Feel free to comment about any suggestions and criticism.

Melon Cream. It's good off the shake too!
Bavarian Cream/Vienna Cream
Vienna Cream gives that light cream with a subtle vanilla, Bavarian Cream thickens it up and provides that thick dairy mouth-feel

Custard Pi 3.14
This is used to thicken everything up nicely, it also adds to the vanilla slightly, and eats any of the harshness that the Lemon provides.

Lemon Sicily
Tartness. It prevents the combination of creams from getting too heavy and thick through tartness

Wild Melon/Watermelon
This provides the main flavour note, underpinned by Double Apple.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 1 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is a great, flavorful, refreshing, melon mix. I almost get an Orange Watermelon flavor from it, similar to INW Melon but a little better IMO. If I had to try to pick which melons I'm tasting I would say Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe. I'm not sure what exactly they were going for with this one but it came out really darn tasty.

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