(FLV) Wild Melon

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Tropical fruit juice

A smooth flavorful tropical mix, pog-ish subbing cantaloupe for the traditional orange.

Sweet guava steps up front in this mix as a main note but bridges nicely into pineapple with the dragonfruit supporting both. The wild melon/prickly pear combo layer a nice background melon note without overpowering the guava while also juicing up this recipe. Take a pull and let it take you away to paradise.

Cool/sweeten as you wish.

A Mama/Mega Melons Remix just when you thought there would never be another.

Cuttwood's juice is one of the first ones I remember truly enjoying. Years ago I was working in a vape shop and it was my go to recommendation. I like pretty much any kind of vape besides earthy tobaccos but this profile has always been a true ADV for me. Here’s my swing at it. Props to all the folks who have tackled this one and to @JenniferJarvis for the OG Mama Melons on ELR. Don't let the low percentages scare you off- this one has plenty of flavor.

TFA Honeydew II - In one of my first orders I picked up Honeydew II over the original by accident and I never went back. I think it's a slept on, mellow, all around great honeydew. You could probably sub either JF or TFA Honeydew and be fine but this one does its thing here.

FA Mango Indian Special- A mango I think everyone should own

CAP and FA Cantaloupe- Good ratio of candy to natural to me and what I look for in a cantaloupe vape

FLV Wild Melon- Brings its silk while backing up the honeydew and cantaloupe

TFA Papaya- Just enough for that funk we all love

You can omit Super Sweet this one is on the verge of being cloying to me at just .4% but that sweetness takes me back to 2016.

WS-23 at just .25% takes this one to a whole different level for me but it's fine without it. I'm not one for cold vapes usually but it really does make it that much better. This is fine off the shake it may be a little honeydew or papaya forward and funky but it's good to go when the bubbles settle. After 3 days everything starts to pop and it's a lot more balanced/blended. I have never let any melon mix sit it long enough to know about fading but these flavors should hold up well enough. God bless!

Clone of bluedots convicted melons. As good as I want to get it. Melon Rind brings some wetness and freshness. Super sweet optional but I like it. Add ws-23 if you like, I have a bottle with and a bottle without. Enjoy.

Pineapple, mango, cantaloupe

Nice sweet mixed fruit profile, pretty straightforward pineapple, mango and the wild melon/prickly pear combo leaning cantaloupe to me. Sweeten to taste, SnV but better after a day.

This is the precursor to Frozen Dew. its good cold melony fruity vape


Mixed for The 4th of July 🇺🇸
A Delicious Fruit Candy mix that just tantalizes your tongue!
You Will taste Red, White, and Blue in this mix ✔️
▶️ “Rocky Toony Original” ◀️
As always, adjust sweetener to preference.
I don’t ask for nothing to view and or mix my recipes for personal use,
feel free to rate / comment on recipe, or not…
I mix to suit MY taste YMMV 👌
Happy Mixing 😎
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Simple Apple mix with a touch of Melon… or so it seems…
actually wasn’t so simple to nail down, the Wild Melon FLV taste like a whole bunch of “melon rind” to me, but after a few % tweaks to this recipe I finally got it to where it works 4ME 😎
“Rocky Toony Original”
Wild Melon is 5 drops per 30ml
As always adjust sweetener to preference

Honeydew Melon with wild melon, acai and cooling. its really refreshing during this PNW heatwave.

Omg 😱 I love this refreshing watermelon drink mix. It’s very watery and taste like a fruit punch in a watermelon just like the picture. Hints of fresh mint without too much of a cool note but just enough to make it refreshing.

Melon Rind (Flavorah) is a 10% reduction/dilution.

Add sweetener of your choosing.

The Sorbet Base (VTA) adds a slight minty vibe that pairs well with the fresh and candy melons. The melon rind adds that fresh and authentic melon profile. Very refreshing mix that's perfect for a nice hot summer day.

Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 100 / 100 Solo: 3.0% Mix: 1.5% Steep: 1 days Difficulty: 10 / 100

This is a great, flavorful, refreshing, melon mix. I almost get an Orange Watermelon flavor from it, similar to INW Melon but a little better IMO. If I had to try to pick which melons I'm tasting I would say Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe. I'm not sure what exactly they were going for with this one but it came out really darn tasty.

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