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Delicious, succulent sweet strawberries, cradled inside a soft cake, swirled with a heavy dollop of delectable cream.

All Flavorah recipe of Obsidian by Wayne Walker of Diyordie.

All of my favorites in one mix. Why would I do this? Because I wanted to see if I could bring my tastebuds to one delicious Big O! Slip into this delicious, creamy, unique form of bliss and let your senses be overwhelmed with flavors that will make you so full of happiness you'll reach for it over and over again.

Banana, toffee, peanut butter, custard, with a hint of brown sugar. Sweeten to taste. 7 day recommended steep for the creams and peanut butter to come around.


Paw paw is an amazingly fun and exotic fruit that is cultivated down the east coast sea board from OH to my home state RI. Luckily for me a friend of mine at work grows these amazingly creamy fruits and gave me one to try as it was perfectly ripe this past fall (with the intention of making this recipe). So after trying said fruit I got to work on making an authentic paw paw pudding. I feel I got pretty lucky with this one, after a 2 week steep I really hit the nail on the head.

Props to @Wolfwheeler for the pudding base

Flv Mango - Paw Paw is most similar to a creamy mango so this extra .5% boost just helps push it through the pudding base a little bit more


my first corn bread pudding recipe is definitely good and taste very similar to the real one after a good steep but the new 2.0 is A bit more spot on i feel they definitely aren’t using OOO corn bread even tho it is a very good ingredient to use . and I also felt that they were using a lot of cheesecake graham crust . So 3.5% seemed right and with a little vanilla pudding to thicken it up . I stayed away from the custard this time as Wayne said the custard are used to last time seemed a little oily . i put 1% AP this time instead of 0.75% since I’m not using OOO corn bread this time to give it a bit more “corn” flavor and using kettle corn at 3% with that makes a perfect corn taste . i’m also using TPA Maple syrup instead of FA this time just to switch it up i’m not sure which one they’re actually using to be honest . you can use FA as a sub witch is in my original clone . And last but not least i’m using Flavor west yellow cake to give it some bready-ness . And at 1.5% it seemed just right . You can use super sweet all the way up to 1% , I like mine any where from 0.5% to 0.75% . I am planning on posting my blueberry version also in this form too . i will also be making a strawberry one for both clones 1.0 and 2.0.


A thick, rich coconut custard with a boozy bourbon edge.

I used to hate coconut, but after I started vaping it I've become a bit obsessed! I've made a lot of coconutty recipes and I think has to be one of my favourites. Bourbon and coconut is such a delicious combination. I'd put bourbon and/or coconut in everything if I could!

Custard: with this being an all FLV mix the obvious choice was Vanilla Pudding. Cream adds creaminess and mouthfeel. A little Coconut adds a ton of richness. White Chocolate works really well in this mix. It seems to be acting as a kind of bridge between the coconut and custard. I tried consolidating the number of flavours in the custard layer, but it just wasn't as good.

FLV Bourbon has a nice touch of booziness and darkens the whole mix. It works really nicely with Sweet Coconut.

Best after 14 days.

Tested on Hadaly, 0.6 ohms


Same pudding base from Alphonse, but with TPA Pistachio for a sweeter, greener nut and FLV Pistachio for more realistic undertones.

I was asked for a tobacco pod vape for someone who's just quitting smoking, and while I don't usually like tobaccos or believe people can quit smoking on a tobacco flavor alone, I figured I might as well have one in my arsenal.

It's Fresh's quick custard with the only tobacco flavoring I own, and a nice butterscotch accent to make the RY4 Double shine.

Enjoy, be safe, and vape on!

C. aka Queer Your Vape

[Photo Credits = www.chefsflavours.co.uk]


TFA Banana Nut Bread is like a really good cooked banana flavor with a slight bakery/dough note and an amazing dark brown sugar spiced cinnamon note.

FLV Vanilla Pudding is going to add a thick creamy vanilla note with tons of body to this recipe.

VT Butter Base is a rich butter note that adds a superb decadence and velvety texture to the pudding.

Sweeten to taste.

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