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(FLV) Vanilla Pudding

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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Mixed this recipe up on my live show episode #14 on youtube. I adjusted the recipe a bit to match the most recent version of this recipe that I had vaped all of, as I couldn't remember while doing the show exactly which creams I had used. This recipe is delicious. Tastes just like Basmati rice pudding that I have made at home.
It is a single drop of Rich Cinnamon in a 30ml bottle for this recipe or the cinnamon overpowers everything. If you have trouble tasting cinnamon you could probably increase it to 2 drops in a 30ml, but it will be strong. My first version of this recipe I did 3 drops in a 30ml of cinnamon and all I could taste was cinnamon.

As with my pineapple cake, I've used INW Creme Brulee to give this a baked sugary kind of taste. It is just enough to give a hint of baked, if you want a sugary type of taste to it more than this up the Creme Brulee to 0.8% or 1%.

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photo credit: arsheffield Coconut Rice Pudding with Almond and Cardamom via photopin (license)


This goes against my usual mixing style where I love to take a reference from real life and recreate it into vape form. Guanabana or soursop seems to have some medicinal benefits. Never actually had soursop pudding but it is a thing apparently.

If there was a medicine that cured a spectrum of illnesses this is what I'd like it to taste like

I am a pot user, and I strongly believe in its medical properties. I use thc and cbd to treat pain, mild insomnia and hypertension. My wife also uses CBD to treat her anxiety and I must say that it seems to have helped more then her prescription junk.

FLV Soursop very much like their guanabana but to me has an earthy muskiness to it. The way I see it is, Guanabana is like a finished commercial product of guanabana and soursop is ripping a guanabana off a tree in Puerto Rico and eating it. Guanabana is very acidic heavy which is where the "sour" comes from. Earthy plus acidic brings me to next ingredient.

FLV Yakima Hops, this flavor reminds me a lot of the terpenes that I come across in my THC use. Citrusy, piney and earthy all my favorite characteristics of some medical herb. In vape form it lends a refreshing and interesting mouthfeel. This ingredient is great with tropical fruits IMO.

The tiny amount of coconut plus custard and pudding is what makes up the cream/pudding base.

Honeysuckle was added to this recipe early on because it was the only thing i had close to floral. Turns out I dropped down the % and it instead acts as an "enhancer" to that tropical fruit.

Im interested to see if anyone enjoys this like I do
Concrete River named me "Lord of the Custard Apples" thats when I realized maybe I should throw this on ATF.


Super rich, butterscotch-caramel heavy tobacco with a creamy vanilla finish. Simple 4 flavor recipe, but still big on warm tobacco flavor. If you're a fan of RY4 style vapes, this one is sweet and creamy but at the same time it has a deep rich tobacco notes throughout.

FLV Tatanka has a smooth, rich, leafy tobacco note with a backdrop of coffee notes. This flavor on its own is already a rich RY4 style tobacco and is simply enhanced by the addition of extra caramel and smooth creamy vanilla notes. The Butterscotch is a brighter note that works well with the coffee rich back notes.

Overall I have enjoyed nearly a full 30mls of this recipe in just one day. This was actually just a random recipe I threw together for myself to have a tobacco to vape, but I'm going to have to mix more of this for myself just have a larger amount on hand. It went so well with my morning coffee that will need to save myself a few ml just to have in the morning before I mix more.

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For a fun addition to this you can add 0.25% of FLV Cool Mint to make it a mint chocolate pudding.

I would also like to note, that initially it won't be extremely sweet. As it steeps for 1 to 2 weeks the FLV sweetness starts to come out a lot more and it seems to get sweeter as time goes on. If you need blast you in the face sweet, as much as I hate to say it, 0.5% Cap SS will achieve that effect, but it will also kill your coils. FLV sweetness takes a bit longer to come out, but is a very clean sweet that will leave a sweet note in your mouth but won't leave the sugar taste on your lips...it also doesn't kill coils, or cause throat irritation if you are a chemical sensitive like I am.

Also need to note that if you are sensitive to diketones like acetoin, chocolate deutsch contains a pretty high level of Acetoin according to the MSDS sheet. At this level it is pretty low ppm in the recipe, but it is enough to cause me some throat irritation after vaping it for a little while.

I do have a couple other versions of this recipe using different ingredients that I will be releasing as I test them after steeping, so if you're diketone sensitive alternative recipes will be coming.

( Picture credit) photo credit: ginnerobot chocolate pudding via photopin (license)


This is a delicious tobacco vape.
The Hangsen is a must have.

Best after two weeks.


Id say the only sub u can prolly make would be for the FLV vanilla puddin...u can use FLV Vanilla Custard ~3%. They are similar but I do find flv vanilla pudding to be a bit sweeter.
The vanillas in this recipe work nicely together added to the cookie, the oreo filling, and the pudding. Vanilla bourbon is usually my go to in bakeries/cookies but here it was just a bit too "dark" for me...madagascar along with holy vanilla gave me the vanilla to creamy that i was after.
JF cookies is a really great flavor...its somewhere in between Fa Cookie and cap sugar cookie.. the 1:1 worked nicely for me. Of course with some butter and fw graham cracker to just add something special to that cookie.
LA CCI completed the cookie filling for me...


so my mom is known throughout the family for her holiday desserts.. coquito, rice pudding, coconut flan (working on this might be 2nd submission), pumpkin cheesecake. shes not allowed entrance to homes if she doesnt bring one or more of these things.(jk)
one of my favorties she makes is her rice puddin that she throws some coconut in. she boils rice adds cream of coconut, evaporated milk, sweetened codensed milk, and topped with a dusting of cinnamon end result is a delicious sweet coconut rice pudding. so far i am at v2 of this and its nice that it would coinside with the competition points. I am going to be eating alot of this over the next 5-6 weeks so im sure the recipe will change as I get closer..ill be sure to edit any changes.

CAP Horchata 4% -milky, light cinnamon, closest thing to an impression of rice.

FLV Vanilla custard 2.5% - pudding flavor (i've heard somewhere that this was reformulated and i have to order flv vanilla pudding to try here)

DIYFS Holy Vanilla .75%- creamy delicious vanilla.

TFA Rice Crunchies 2.5%- Ive never gotten too much out of this flavor but i need that rice note so here is where i started. v1 was 1%.

TPA Coconut Candy 1.25%- because i love this with the next ingredient.

Flv Sweet coconut 1.25%- My favortie coconut on the market (v1 i tried Fa coconut because i wanted to switch things up and use something i dont normally and after v1 i quickly went back to my go to coconut mix).

FLV Vanilla Pudding 3%- With this I no longer needed Marshmallow. This brings a light extra vanilla custardy flavor but plays very nice with flv vanilla custard which has a nice pudding flavor in itself.
Sucralose .75%- v1 didnt have sweetener but thinking of how sweet my reference tastes it needed a bit.
dropped cinnamon ceylon out of v1 because was too much even at 1 drop per 30ml.

Next week my mom will be making up some rice pudding and i will compare and tweak or maybe even reconstruct completly if i have to.
Im enjoying the base even it needs to steep this is just notes off of S&V. pudding flavor is there, still no rice, and i need to up the coconut.

For menu: Not My Mamas Rice Puddin: Sweet coconut rice pudding. Finished with a pinch of cinnamon.
I have gotten positive reviews of this recipe.. still tweaking %s but damn good

Sorry I don't really post flavor notes but it's just a simple good butterscotch pudding. I did use sweetener I felt that it makes this a more authentic butterscotch pudding.

Nilla wafers with banana's and vanilla pudding on top. A perfect combination but it needs to steep or it wont taste right. I strongly suggest a 10 day steep. This is one of my personal favorites its the perfect blend of banana and vanilla.

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