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(FLV) Vanilla Pudding

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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So the coconut, custard, van pudding is a base ive been using for several months whenever i wanted to make a fruit pudding (especially tropicals). Much sucess has come when ive add banana, soursop, and mango to this pudding. Add your favorite fruit. Ive been sitting on this one for a while and it wasnt until recently that some1 mentioned how accurate of a pudding that base is on it own. Flv van pudding does a wonderful job here and Imo is a great flavor to lay down for other stuff to sit on. Ive tried hard to take it down lower just because i use this concentrate often (especially in golden oreo pudding)
This is not a coconut pudding. You can not use flv sweet coconut. Flv coconut is a great thickening agent used in low amounts.
Pudding is thick no? The custard beefs up that flv van pudding.

For it to stand out as a straight vanilla pudding i needed to up the vanilla. Shisa vanilla is no secret that vanilla creaminess it can add to a mix. Holy vanilla while good just kinda messed with my delicate pudding.

Ive tried this recipe with a few diff bav creams cuz before flv van pudding came into my life bav crean was the only thing that came close to pudding for me. Tpa bav cream was my 2nd favorite version and fw bav cream was my least favorite. Which was surprising since that tends to be my favorite of the bunch (fw). If you dont have jf bav cream just mix it with TFAs, if details in a flavor matter to you mix it with jf bav cream :)
Puddings are kinda like my thing irl, im always on my fat kid shit.
Swiss miss creamy vanilla is my favorite kinda pudding. Second to my my mother's rice pudding <3


Well here's another all flavorah recipe. You can hate on me for the price of the concentrates or you can love me for a delicious recipe with very little steep time. The ingredients pretty much speak for themselves. It's a creamy coconut pudding pie with a cookie crust. This creamy coconut pudding pie is topped with whipped cream. This recipe is perfect on a 3 day steep but I am sure it will get better and better the longer it steeps but it is a very tasty vape after 3 days. I had Flavorah cheesecake in this recipe and I liked it but after a steep it left a curdled milk taste so I removed it all together and upped the cookie .25% because I had used the cheesecake for the crust.


This was the recipe I made when concrete river and id10-t had there mix off. The rules were 5 ingredient all flavorah including sweeteners. I wasn't in a competition so I cheated and used a 6th ingredient being sweetness which is a sweetener of coarse and is purely by taste if you don't want to use it don't. It will be good with or without sweetener. This recipe is pretty good to me it tastes like frosted blueberry cake bites. This was just a quick good 5 ingredient all Flavorah recipe good after a shake but better after a 4 day steep.
Shout out to: Trevorxgage and his recipe Blueberry sweet rolls. He also did this challenge and came up with a recipe similar to this recipe go check it out Blueberry sweet rolls is the name.

The ingredients:
Blueberry muffin flv- I really like the baked blueberry flavor in this concentrate but the muffin is pretty much non existent. It is also a pretty weak flavor overall but with that being said like it so I went up to 5% with it and I get a good baked blueberry flavor. This concentrate would be so much better if it lost the spice notes and just kept the baked blueberry flavor.

Pound cake/cupcake batter flv- this makes up the cake portion of the recipe and it does it well.

Frosting/vanilla pudding flv- the vanilla pudding works with the frosting but it also helps the cake it mellows the cake notes and softens the frosting and binds them both together.


This is a great cookie recipe. Perfect for desert. It has the perfect amount of sweetness. Good off the Shake. Great after 5 days.


Creme Brule and VCCC are used for a rich custard base. Vanilla pudding and marshmallow are used for a sweet vanilla pudding with a smooth mouth feel. Slight toasted note to the corn bread from the CB.

A simple straight forward White Chocolate Mocha.

Vanilla Pudding does a great job holding up the white chocolate flavors to make a thick, frothy base for the FLV Mocha and FA Tiramisu to follow up with a bright Mocha/coffee flavor.

Key Lime Pudding! Sticky pudding mouthfeel with bright lime flavor and a hint of vanilla.


Even though @ConcreteRiver won our 1v1 and I have to vape OoO Cheese, I'm still proud of this stuff.

This whimsical one was initially inspired by, and borrows its name from, a delightfully macabre, silly poem.

Gumeye Ball by Shel Silverstein

There’s an eyeball in the gumball machine,

Right there between the red and the green,

Lookin’ at me as if to say,

“You don’t need any more gum today.”

This recipe is a big bite of one of those cartoon or superhero-styled ice cream bars from an ice cream truck, whichever one is vanilla- and lemon-flavored, probably Tweety Bird or some other yellow character. You know, the ones with the gumball eyes? This is the bite with the eyeball in it.

FLV Bubblegum - an authentic bubblegum flavor that's less chalky than some other manufacturers' offerings.. I get some harsh throat from it standalone, but Vanilla Pudding and Marshmallow smooth that over nicely.

FLV Vanilla Pudding - This soothing stuff makes a great base even without much of a steep. It tastes like a vanilla pudding cup, and those ice cream truck bars have much more in common with pudding than with actual ice cream. Kids don't know any better. They aren't looking for the perfect custard tones layered into crispy malty dairy notes in their all-natural preservative-free hand-churned ice cream made from the milk of Kentucky grass-fed holsteins and eggs from free-range chickens collected by Swedish virgins during a full moon and flavored with real Tahitian vanilla beans. Gods, that gets exhausting. Relax. Have some vanilla pudding. Enjoying this flavor lets you be a kid again.

FLV Lemonade - Sweet, sugary lemonade. Definitely not freeze-squeezed, more like the Country Time, like something you'd buy from a kid with a lemonade stand. Blends in easily with the vanilla pudding to make one of those lemon-flavored ice cream cartoon heads.

FLV Marshmallow - I want sleep on its pillowy deliciousness, just bury my face in there. It tastes more like an actual marshmallow than any of the other marshmallow flavors. In here, it eliminates any need for added sweetener, smooths over some of the rough stuff, and changes the mouthfeel and flavor of pudding into something more like soft-serve ice cream.

FLV Cream - Don't need a reason to use FLV Cream, only a reason not to. This recipes gives no reason not to. FLV Cream aka Frank's Red Hot does a great job of pulling all of this together and providing satisfying finish, without calling too much attention to itself.


From the moment I smelled Purilum cookie I knew this recipe was going to be simple, It needs 2 weeks for the cream to set up


this is my version on the popular banana bondage mix this one up guys feedback would be nice

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