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(FLV) Vanilla Pudding

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 2806 recipes at an average of 1.924%.


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You can sub OOO Yellow cake with FW Yellow cake if that is what you have, and you don't mind the nasties of that flavor. OOO Yellow Cake doesn't gunk coils and is the closest thing I've found to FW without the sugar content.

Tipsy is blend of "Coconut Rum Cake and Bread Pudding covered with a nice warm toasty glaze"
Vanilla cupcake and Vanilla pudding make an amazing cake base that provides all the butter notes and vanilla notes to create a Tortuga rum cake. The combination of FA Jamaican Rum, FLV Bourbon and FLV Sweet Coconut provides the delicious Malibu Rum note in this mix. Bread pudding is creamy and warm and thick and that's where the crème brûlée comes in to add all those creamy eggy notes with hints of toasted topping. I helped out the sweetness and added extra cream and toasted notes with a bit of toasted marshmallow.. Marzipan is a big player here don't be fooled by its small percentage it is used to tie in the coconut, the cream and the booze into one final delicious creamy boozy desert blend.

A very creamy vanilla pudding! Sugar lips tasty. I built the flv van pudding as the base because I love the flavor! I put more densness into it with the creamy milk OoO and marshmallow OoO. Added the flv vanilla bean to give it more vanilla flavor and the DIY holy grail for the wonderful silky layer. Then tipped off with a big dallop of Cap vanilla whipped cream.

Its so yummy and velvety creamy that I can't stop vaping it!! Its a snv and only gets more amazin with time!! For best results give it 5-7 days for the creams to come together. Its a must try if you like pudding!! I didn't add sweetener because I don't feel that it needs any, its perfectly sweet on its own.


If you like banana cream/pudding vapes then this recipe is for you. This recipe was made with a banana pudding ice cream 🍦 with vanilla wafer chunks throughout. In my opinion it's exactly what I was looking. I think its delicious. Probably my new all time favorite banana cream type of flavor to date and that is saying quite a bit.

What I used and why:

My banana combination is the same combination i almost always use the percentages change depending on the profile. If you want a strong in your face bansns I used banana puree by wonder flavours and banana by flavorah . I absolutely love this combination. In this recipe I went a little light and delicate with the banana but I feel it's just perfect in my opinion of coarse. My ice cream/pudding base is a combination of toffee ice cream by vta and vanilla ice cream by lb and vanilla pudding by flv. Toffee ice 🍦 cream adds that thick buttery ice cream that I don't get from lb vanilla ice cream. For me toffee ice cream mixed with vanilla ice cream by lb makes a great buttery ice cream base for me. The ice cream flavor i was going for was a banana pudding ice cream flavor with vanilla wafer chunks throughout so if course I had to use vanilla pudding for my pudding component and biscuit by inawera as my vanilla wafers. The biscuit may be able to be bumped up being that the vanilla wafer note is light at best but overall it's just delicious. If the profile sounds good to you then just mix it you won't be disappointed!!!
I kept the banana 🍌 as low a percentage as I possibly could and still get a good banana flavor. If for any reason you want a 💪 stronger banana flavor then boost both bananas .25% each at a time and you will end up finding the perfect banana percentage for you but for me this is the perfect percentages. 😘

Sweetener: I used .35% of sweetness by Flavorah but feel free to use or don't use your preferred sweetener.

Steep time: 7 days but it's a banana cream recipe so it will keep getting better and better the longer you wait ✋.

Home style creamy coconut cream pie.. Something your grandmother would bake for special occasions.

Coconut by FLV - Strong flavor at higher percentage So only used 3 drops
Coconut Custard by WF - Great base for a coconut cream pie
DX Graham Cracker by TPA - Some will get the clear I prefer the darker also great base with the butter for the crust of the pie
Vanilla Pudding by FLV - Added creaminess to a pie
Sweet Coconut by FLV - Adds a smooth light coconut taste

This will possibly make you feel like a kid again...
Much Help via #Shyndo

Just a little something fun for #theyearofmixing pudding pie week! This is a recipe based off of a pudding ice cream pie with a graham cracker crust. The real recipe I based this off from took caramel and poured it in the bottom of the graham cracker crust. Then they layered on top of that vanilla pudding and ice cream with toffee chunks through out. Then the pie is frozen before being served. Now I didn't follow the recipe exactly because I was testing some new flavors out. I figured golden syrup would be a good sub for caramel. I also figured toffee ice cream could take the place of ice cream with toffee chunks through out. It seems to have worked because this is a father enjoyable Vape in my opinion. I have a version steeping with Vape train macadamia nut as well . I have a feeling it's going to be good with the macadamia nut also. I am leaving this as a work in progress because I want to possibly add a little more graham crust and or golden syrup but it tasted way to good to not put it out around #theyearofmixing week it's made for. Enjoy!!!

Sweetener: I used .25% of Flavorah sweetness but I do not feel that sweetener is a necessary evil on this recipe. Use or don't use your sweetener of choice. At your percentage of choice.

Steep time: this is actually quite enjoyable almost immediately but it definitely comes together after a 3 - 5 steep. Lol. I say 3- 5 days because I was loving it on day 3 but it was even better on day 5 lmao.😂😆😆 so who knows it could be even better after two weeks if it lasts that long!!! Enjoy!! #theyearofmixing

An apple cider pudding pie

This is a flamboyantly autumnal recipe that, being shared in the first week of spring, couldn't possibly be more out-of-season. It's also poached entirely from @ConcreteRiver's delicious Deer Lodge recipe, with all of the ingredients being exactly the same, even used at the same concentrations, with just two small additions.

This is not meant to imply that there is anything wrong with Deer Lodge, that it's missing or lacking anything at all. But when FlavorPro Jennifer Jarvis asked for a pudding pie for the #yearofmixing competition, I knew immediately that I wanted to try to wrap Rick's hopped-up apple cider pudding in a delicate, subtle pie crust. Several attempts with various other crusty ingredients did not work. This one does.

I don't get any apple or spice (not that either of them would be unwelcome here) out of FA Apple Pie. It just tastes like a plain ol' pie crust. And it's the only non-graham pastry crust flavor I could get to work as a main crusty competent here. The others trampled the hell out of that that lovely rich buttery pudding base. A light touch of FW Pie Crust provides another layer of bakery, making for a more flaky, less doughy, pie. Its darker sweetness emulates the edges of the crust, where the pie is crunchier and browner. The result? A dessert vape fit for the hunter coming home after a long day on the deer lease.


The combination of LB Vanilla Ice Cream and FLV Vanilla Pudding somehow combines to form a lovely rich eggy custard base.

Blackberry and Boysenberrry form a sweet Blackberry Sauce.

Biscuit adds a buttery'ness to the vape with a slight hint of cookie at the back end of the vape.

Coconut banana and toffee all in the same cream pie recipe.

If you'd like to participate in the Year of Mixing find the Flavor-Pro group and join us for our weekly challenge - all mixers welcome - and there will be some prizes. You can find more information here http://flavor-pro.com/the-year-of-mixing/

After vaping this I am lost for words.. First time mixing with Passion Fruit, I just wanted to create a light tropical pudding and I think I nailed it or pretty damn close..

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