(FLV) Vanilla Pudding

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Mucking around, I originally mixed up a half dozen versions of Muddy Boots, two of which came out Amazing 🤩
This mix is my favorite with less Butterscotch and more Peanut Butter and just a bit more pudding 😋
No sweetener needed
V1 is a decent vape also if you want more BS, hehe…
1.00% Butterscotch (FLV)
1.00% Cream (FLV)
0.80% Milk and Honey (FLV)
0.80% Peanut Butter (FLV)
1.20% Vanilla Pudding (FLV)

“Rocky Toony Original”

I am on a quest to perfect the most popular flavor profiles. Perfection doesn't just come from flavor, it's also found in simplicity. The recipes in this series are geared towards mixers who are just starting out making their own eliquid. So whether you're a veteran or someone who's a little newer to the DIY community I invite you to pick a profile and join me in the lab as we quest for perfection.


So what exactly does a perfect simple cookie vape like? Well the first thing that comes to mind is that little but of resistance that you get when you bite into it. I don't want a crunch, I want that little baked edge with a soft warm center that melts in your mouth. Butter is also something that's super important. We need the cookie to coat the inside of our mouth with that rich buttery goodness. Dark, sweet brown sugar and a hint of vanilla are the other two main notes that I want to taste.

CAP Sugar Cookie is really the best plain cookie in my opinion it's such a lovely soft cookie. It's rich in butter and it definitely melts in your mouth. Adding (more than) a little bit of FLV Caramel brings the brown sugar. I like to pair CAP Sugar Cookie with INW Biscuit for that buttery, flour, baked flavor. Last a good amount of FLV Vanilla Pudding for the hint of vanilla and the fall apart melt in your mouth texture.

Sweeten to Taste.

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The legendary Holy Vanilla was unavailable to me to try White Falcon by @slushy so I substimixed a version of it that turned out quite tasty. This was sent in to March 2021 Mixers' Club as an informal submission.

The original:


FA Glory has a lemon note that combines with the creams in a very interesting way.

LB White Chocolate Peppermint for the obvious pair with the tobacco.

FLV Vanilla Pudding to thicken the mouth feel with TFA RY4 Double for the caramel that darkens and furthers the dessert aspect. I have also tested JF's RY4 in this and although it too turns out tasty at the same usage rate it just doesn't survive the steep and ends up just a tiny bit too light.

The coolant was omitted in favor of something lighter and more subtle on my palate and personal taste.

It's a Twinkie! Not sure what else to say.

Twinkie Cake Base: Fluffy White Cake, Philadelphia Buttercake... Crumble topping for the outer layer of darker yellow cake.
Filling: Vanilla Cream, Vanilla Pudding for the creamy center with Frosting to give more of that sweet taste twinkies are known for!

A simple mix that has everything I need for a satisfying vape....
- It's fruity
- It's creamy
- It's bakery-y
Just an overnight steep & it's an easy-going ADV for me.

If you love hazelnut and custard, this recipe was meant for you. Based off my 3 day steep custard (which can actually be vaped before three days) the vanilla pudding, cookie, vanilla custard 2 and super sweet make a delicious custard base that you don't have to wait weeks for! Creamy Hazelnut and Dx Hazelnut work like a dream together here and it's already became one of my ADV vapes!

Creamy Lemon Vanilla Yogurt Cake or CLVYC is a off the top recipe that I made up in a attempt to create a delicious all day vape on my channel Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews on YouTube. I have found success once again with this Cake it’s absolutely delicious and will only get better with time! Tested on a geek vape Athena rda and it was bliss enjoy!


Profile: Butterscotch Pudding

Inhale: Butterscotch Exhale: Rich/Creamy/buttery pudding

After tasting WF Creme Brulee Cookie and with the new Orange Cream out I had to create this to showcase these two flavours.

VT Creme Brulee is one of, if not my favourite Creme Brulee, so adding this is in was always on the cards, at 1.5% this gives a creamy creme backbone with a wonderful caramelised sugar topping that works perfectly with WF Creme Brulee Cookie, the creme brulee in this flavour gives depth to the VT, the cookie note forms the basis of the cookie part of this recipe, the cookie is further enhanced with the use of CAP Sugar Cookie to enhance those crispy cookie notes amd WF Cookie Dough to give depth and provide the cookie mouthfeel.

WF Orange Cream is a silky blend of cream and a great orange flavour even if slightly artificial, the orange isn't too juicy/wet in this so is perfect to use for creamy mixes without making the whole thing 'soggy'

Vanilla custard 2 added for a boost to the creme part of the VT Creme Brulee and add some additional vanilla to the mix.

FLV Vanilla pudding used to thicken up the whole mix and add a rich deep vanilla

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