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A Choc Mint Cheesecake Mix for Addy Tuney’s 61st Birthday

This is a simple Strawberry Shortcake profile, with light strawberry, light vanilla whipped cream, and fluffy yellow cake.

A desert made in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii created by a very special someone a few years back inside a little Poké Shop on the volcanic side of the island in which eight months later was destroyed by an eruption. Although the place is gone, the memory of this experience lives on with each vape. This is Pavlova inspired by short grain rice. It is a light and elegant dessert, simple enough to make, but impressive! Topped with fresh vanilla cream, plums, blackberries and kiwi puree. Ginger on the side to cleanse the palate before this most tasty dessert. Enjoy as a shake and Vape but best after 4 Days.


There aren't much to say about this. I was in the mood for something minty, without using cooling like koolada or WS-23 (cause I don't like that).

When I made the original recipe, I had a ton of PUR Butter Mint on hand (I actually still do), but I felt the reciped needed an update, since PUR Butter Mint (for whatever silly reason) is discontinued. FLV came to my rescue and released FLV Mint Candy, which I figured could be a good new edition instead.

I also added in FLV Vanilla Pudding, to make the vanilla a little more present in the mix, along with lowering the FLV Peppermint to 0.25% as it was quite strong at 0.5%

For the rest it's the same old. Vanilla being there for the mint to have a nice soft pillow to sit on, and INW Shisha Vanilla still pairs well with FLV Mint Candy. Vanilla Swirl softens up the edges.

Super Sweet is only there for my personal preference and I’d argue that it has a function n this recipe, but if you’re one of those die-hard-non-sweetener types, then leave it out. Use whatever sweetener or none if you like. I'm disgusting like that.

Let it sit for 3 days and you're good to go.

Creamy Custard with slight eggy note smooth. add .5-1% marshmallow for Mallow Man like vibes.

This is a strawberry shortcake the way I like it. If you baked a fresh vanilla pound cake. Cut yourself a slice and drizzled it with strawberry cake filling and topped that with whipped cream. Then all you would have to do is pour yourself a nice big glass of milk and you would get the RL equivalent of this juice.

Additional Notes:

-The (FLV) Smooth Vanilla only requires a few drops per batch. In between 1-3 drops depending on what size you make.
*1 for 30 mil
*2 for 60 mil
*3 for 100 & 120 mil

Playing around with a couple of the new FLV flavors. These will be available April 2nd @ Bullcity.

Really like this Chai, perfect for my taste. Have the Cactus Apple in here for a little sweetness and light florals but they may get lost as they are quite light.

This is a WIP, ive only taken a few tokes after a light heating and shaking.


You posh ATF types can finally mix this without slumming it with us plebs over on ELR 😁. Just so you know though, the real classy types buy the one shot 😉

Jason Donovan pushed open the door of Flamin' Galah's, the best bakery in all of Oz. Rack off Jase, you're barred! Snarled Carl the manager. Donovan had been one of several ex Neighbours actors who (on a reunion piss up) had descended on the shop the previous week causing a huge scene which culminated in Brad Willis actor, Scott Michaelson, getting worked up by Natalie Imbruglia and jizzing in the dough mixer while the staff were distracted.

Donovan spent ten minutes explaining how bad he felt for his part in the proceedings. He offered money for any spoilt stock and even to work in store to compensate for the upset and distress they'd caused. He explained how much he missed being able to pop in for a pastry treat. It would certainly never happen again. Steadily, Carl seemed to come around and became more jovial, ultimately the men shook hands.

Wanna take a 'snot block', Jase? Fresh batch in the back there, Carl offered. Vanilla custard slices were Donovan's ultimate treat and Carl knew he couldn't refuse. As Jason left with his decadent pastry in a white paper sack, Carl grinned from ear to ear. He imagined Jason's shock as his bite squished the wobbly custard filling and he found the koala turd hidden in the centre.

Vanilla slice, custard slice, mille feuille, cremeschnitte, krempita, snot block… whatever you call it it's delicious as fuck, that's why almost every country has there own take on it. This is based on the British version, like you'd get down Gregg's - or a proper bakery. Flakey buttery pastry on top and bottom made here from VTA croissant, OOO pie crust and WF crispy wafer. These dirty strips sandwich a thick custard debauchery made from Fa custard premium, WF flan and Flv vanilla pudding, the gentle caramel note from the flan doesn't appear to upset the balance as I worried it might. Flv frosting for the traditional fondant icing and sweetener if you want it but it's pretty sweet without. It's good from the shake then it gets better, much better at about 3 weeks if you can wait.


Custard INW and Custard Premium were meant to go together in my opinion. Add some vanilla pudding in, and you've got a thick, delicious, custard recipe. The eggnog lends a great nutmeg flavor that really works well in custard, and the sweetness is just to increase the sweetness a touch more. If you don't like sweet vapes, leave it out. The Vanilla Pudding already gives some sweetness, but I just love sweet vapes. Leave a comment if you try it. I love to hear from you.

One of life’s guilty pleasures...a nice bowl of soft baked cookies,truly delectable and extremely moorish..just like crack really....so I’ve been told! 😇 add your sweetener of choice,I added 0.5% CAP super sweet and for me,it was perfect. You could leave it out though if you so wish. Please be so kind to leave a short review and rating on my work to show your appreciation. Stay safe guys and gals 😷💙

P.S I have a 2nd variation of this recipe which I feel is definitely worth a mention as it’s as delicious as the original. You can omit FA COOKIE for SSA SHORTBREAD COOKIE @ 1.5% and also omit FLV VANILLA PUDDING for SSA WHIPPED CREAM @ 1% & SSA CORNISH CREAM @ 1%. This adds a beautiful creamy note on the exhale almost like your having a scoop of ice cream on top of your warm soft baked cookie! 🤤😍 I highly recommend you give both ways a try as this recipe is something else and I’m extremely proud of it. 😊

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