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(FLV) Vanilla Custard

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The second installment in my Custard Karma line up. Still a work in progress.
I was at the grocery store with my son the other day and on the way out they offered him a sucker. He grabbed a butterscotch dum dum. I was working on my "Custard Karma (cinnamon)" and as soon as I smelled it I decided to made another version.

This isn't a clone but purely a remix of adore e liquids blueberry something's profile. Here is adore's description
"Picture a bowl of fresh picked blueberries mixed with a base of fresh baked vanilla cookie crumble and drizzled with a rich vanilla pudding. Now that would be something."

Well I thought it would be something so I made my rendition.

Blueberries: flavor west blueberry is what I chose go figure. I personally think flavor west blueberry tastes like when you mix blueberries and sugar and mash. Well I think it tastes like the syrupy blueberry flavored liquid left behind if that makes any sense to you.

Vanilla cookie: I used a combination of Capella sugar cookie and inawera biscuit. With a little help from vanilla swirl by the flavor apprentice.

Rich vanilla pudding: I used a combination of Flavorah vanilla pudding and Flavorah vanilla custard keeping the vanilla custard low so the custard and egg notes don't invade the pudding flavor.

Well that's it my take on adore e liquids blueberry something. Again this is Not a clone just a remix.

Steep time: well this one is a strange one its a good tasting almost blueberry and cream at 5 days but if you want the cookies to come out and play you will have to let it steep for 10 days or more. This is a good one to make a big bottle of so you can taste it at all the different steep times this is a flavor that gets better and better with a long steep I personally like it best at around 14 days but it is perfectly good at 5 days. I am putting a 10 day steep because that is when I feel you can taste the cookies but it gets better and better every day you can let it steep after day 10.

Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener. I personally like Flavorah sweetness in my recipes but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.


Creamy creme brulee in a hollowed out pineapple. Now that sounds good. So I made it in vape form or at liest what I think it should taste like because I haven't ever eaten this delectable dessert. Enjoy!! This is a recipe that needs to steep. Without it it won't taste right. I suggest a 7 day steep but I do think the ends justify the means this is worth vaping... I used real flavors creme brulee super concentrate it wasn't an option though. If you don't have Jack fruit just boost the pineapple a half a percent.

Real Blue Moon Ice Cream

I grew up in northeast Ohio and after reading the reviews for RF SC Blue Moon Ice Cream I was a little disappointed that everyone was getting blueberry and maybe orange flavoring which is not true blue moon ice cream from the Lake Erie area. The recipes are a little different from each state but most of them share the raspberry, lemon, and vanilla combo and of course tons of blue food coloring. This is my take on the my favorite version that contains little tiny pieces of pineapple. I used this recipe as a reference:


I'll add some notes and may make a few adjustments but I made 2 different variations last night. The first one I tried to cheat and use vanilla bean ice cream as the base and it was good but didn't seem as accurate as this one where I made the ice cream from scratch using the recipe above. The flavors I used are decent as a shake and vape but the creams should develop a bit after a week or so.

If you are from the Northeast or Midwest and remember this delicious treat mix this up and let me know what you think! I got a craving for it after reading about the RF SC reviews and this definitely is hitting the spot.

I stripped out the cake base from mlNikon and Cheeba Steeba's Peaches n' Cream Cake to use as a starting point after I picked up FLV Milk Chocolate and decided that I wanted to make a chocolate cherry cake vape. This was my first attempt but it turned out way better than I anticipated so I decided to share it.

FLV Milk Chocolate & FLV Sweet Coconut - after tasting Hear the Girls Come (ID10-T) I couldn't separate these two. I needed more chocolate so I bumped up the percentages of both.

FW Cherry Crush - I have a ton of cherry flavor concentrates and most of them taste medicinal. I needed a cherry pie filling type flavor like you would use in a real chocolate cherry cake and this one seemed like it would fit.

I plowed through this as a S&V but it tasted even better after a week.

Jackfruit and creamy coconut milk with mango and peach notes.


Cheeba Steeba and I have been working together to bring you another great recipe. This mix was inspired by a simple, real life desert I make in the summertime with cake, cream cheese, sugar, and peaches. The breakdown:

FA Apricot - This adds another dimension to the peach flavor to give it a little more complexity
FW Yellow Cake - is the main cake note in the desert
LA Cream Cheese Icing - is the cream cheese and sugar mixture that gets baked into the dessert
FA Liquid Amber - This flavor adds the much needed baked note to the peaches
CAP Sugar Cookie - yellow cake needed some help and cap sugar cookie works with yc perfectly to add some body and weight to the cake portion without making it too dry.
FLV Peach - is the main peach note, this is a great peach flavor, not nearly as harsh as some peach flavors can be, this makes the recipe vape-able right after a mix.
FW Tres Leches - The hardest part of this mix was making a wet cake, and tres leches does a wonderful job of giving the cake a bit more weight while adding some creamy goodness to help the custard and cream cheese icing out
FLV Vanilla Custard - this flavor is used to add some depth to the cream cheese icing and make it thicker and creamier.

You can vape this mix right after a shake but the whole thing comes together better after a few days to a week.


Not really the bakery season, But I'm a sucker for em'. Just wanted to try my hand at a profile I've been meaning to get to for a while.

Butterscotch Ripple
Hands down my favorite butterscotch. 4% felt right to be perceptible in this recipe, Without completely overtaking the donut.

FA Zeppola, FLV Sweet Dough
Both contribute to the donut portion of the profile.

FLV Vanilla Custard
Smooth rich Vanilla. Perceptible but not cloying at 2.5%. A thoroughly thick body provides a wonderful mouthfeel as well.

Salted Caramel
Used as a booster for the butterscotch.

Brown Sugar
Plays the role of blender/sweetener with a tiny contribution to mouthfeel.

Butter Cream
More diacetyl!! Gives me all's of it! Kidding. This finalizes the thick mouthfeel while contributing to the bakery sensation.

FW Hazelnut
Nut tones for complexity but adds grain to the mix to give it a more perceptible donut texture.

CAP Super Sweet
Just a dash to add some lacking sweetness.

Steep Time: 10 days


Crazy Good Apple Pie In A Donut... Talked about it on the show Mixing It Up episode #12 Flakey donut, wrapped around a layered apple pie filling. THe pie crust adds to the donut flavors, with a rich smattering of cinnamon and a dash of creamy on top.

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A recipe that tries to highlight the rhubarb flavour by bridging it appropriately with INW Pink Panther to the rest of the ingredients.

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