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(FLV) Vanilla Custard

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Flavor Profile: custard dairy dessert vanilla

Used in 506 recipes at an average of 2.329%.


47 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

Almond and cream macarons.no sweetener needed,milk and honey (flv) and meringue (FA) add enough sweetness to the mix.Vanilla custard (flv) is also sweet and adds a touch of nuts when used around 4%.The mix smells a bit weird the first days,as a result from the combination of almond and torrone,so it must steep for a week for all the aromas to settle.At 10 days it is just fine.enjoy!

You can sub OOO Yellow cake with FW Yellow cake if that is what you have, and you don't mind the nasties of that flavor. OOO Yellow Cake doesn't gunk coils and is the closest thing I've found to FW without the sugar content.

I wanted to do a peanut butter pie similar to the one you can get at Outback Steakhouse occasionally. (not sure when it's "in season") It's a creamy peanut butter pie that's very rich and uses Nutter Butter in their crust instead of graham. It's not 100% that... but it's very good.

This does become richer with a week+ steep but it's pretty good after a day.

Initially mixed for mtl devices and it is tested only in Ares rta and taifun gt3.it is a strong tobacco mix and the creams are there just to make it smoother and add body and texture to the final result .i really hope you mix and enjoy this one!


I enjoyed the idea of a 1-2-3 recipe ID10T did with his cranberry sprite recipe. Simple and easy so I made one of my own.

Creamy and thick vanilla pudding type of recipe wit darker and forward vanilla notes. Has a few spicy and nutty notes as well. Simple recipe, but it meets my vanilla needs.

A rich banana pudding lightly drizzled with butterscotch and salted caramel.

INW Biscuit(1-1.25): what else is there to say about this popular cookie flavor...it's BUTTERY AF and it's here as the base of the recipe!?!?

FLV Butterscotch (1%) & FLV Caramel (1%): these two flavorings together are BANGIN'! A delicious caramel and Flavorah's version of butterscotch because of its well-renowned background cookie note are used here to add mouthfeel to the cookie base.

FLV Vanilla Custard (4%) & FLV Milk & Honey (0.5-1%): the custard at the top end of the suggested percentage begins to exhibit nuttiness and the M&H (I like this better at 0.5%) brings a sort of dark sweetness (while retaining softness) to the mix (for which I did not want to simply just use TFA Brown Sugar).

TFA Acetyl Pyrazine (0.25-0.5%): lastly, I figured a touch (because I wanted to retain a softer texture) of graininess was in order for this flavor profile.

Optional: if you prefer an almond-flavored cookie, as suggested by Wayne, adding FA Almond (0.5%) would lend a hand to the nutty notes of the custard while adding more sweetness to the mix...however, I feel that M&H does the job well enough (at least for the sweetness).

Speaking of profile, ehm...a sweet, buttery, honey COOKIE with a hint of nuttiness? I have no idea what I just mixed but, it tastes good. -shrugs-

All recipe and notes credit goes to Wayne (DIYORDIE) because he is my coach and inspiration...this one's for you! \m/

Warning: diketone-sensitive individuals mix at your own risk! o.O

Please, mix this and feel free to share feedback...if you don't like it, I shan't QQ.

A nice full flavor gourmet banana mousse topped with a rich caramel when you choose to go without the addition of Rich Cinnamon.
I've been in love with FLV Vanilla Custard recently, Begrudgingly much more so than with CAP V1, Although it is still awesome.

FLV Rich cinnamon is optional to those who really enjoy it, But not required for this recipe.
Add one drop per 30ml for just a light touch of delicious cinnamon richness.

WF Banana Puree
A nice creamy banana at this percentage.

TFA Banana Cream
At this low percentage it provides a little banana backup to the WF Banana Puree.

FLV Butterscotch/WF Caramel Butter
Work excellent together to create the dark "topping" to the profile.

FLV Vanilla Custard
As begrudgingly reluctant as I am to admit this, I believe FLV is stealing my interest from CAP v1 these days.

LA Cheesecake
Works great as an enhancer to custards.

TFA Brown Sugar
Just a hint of richness to the caramel topping.


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Trying to create something else, this Strawberry Cream came out. Its something between Strawberry Cream and Strawberry Milkshake.
I like it very much, it is very close to my taste, and I like to share with you all.

Vanilla Custard FLV can be subbed by Vanilla Custard V1 CAP @ 2% but it will need +1 week steeping.

I hope you enjoy it.

An effort to approach american stars' easy rider profile. Definitely not a clone,it wasn't my intention to do that,but this is a recipe that can easily be an adv. Creamy smooth tobacco with a touch of chocolate and almond.Enjoy..

Flavor Notes

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