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(FLV) Thai Chai

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct

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My take on the Indian Masala Chai.

I guess the only flavor needing a note here is FLV Thai Chai. For those of you who want a "chai" flavor, this is not it. It's rather spicy and works well for this specific recipe, as the masala chai is rather spicy and usually made with black pepper. The "chai" part is instead built from the ground up, with FA Cardamom being the star and FLV clove/cinnamon/ginger as support.


Chai tea cookies with eggnog frosting... mixed on Fresh03's Vape Rye Memorial Mix-A_Thon

Boba Thai Chai Tea
This is Thai Chai Tea, which I love, but with a twist of Boba added, which in this case is caramelized tapioca balls.

FLV Thai Chai a flavoring that is perfect for making that Thai Chai Tea you get at the coffee shop. It has a nice amount of Black Tea flavor in it, but if you want more, feel free to some FLV Black Tea in a small %. FLV Cream is added to the tea to harmonize flavors, add some creaminess, and add a bit of sweetness.

The fun part was creating the Boba, which is basically the starch from tapioca, and I needed them to feel chewy, creamy, and caramelized. So to start, I use FLV Starch Base for the starch aspect of the tapioca. Then adding FLV Vanilla Pudding helped with the creamy aspect, and to finish off, I use FLV Toffee. The Toffee is what was perfect to break through the Thai Chai, and really bring that Boba feel to the what it needed to be.

Tested on Hadeon RDA .37ohm 50 Watts

Now I understand, you'll look at this recipie, and think, whoa thats alot of flavours....

Each one has its own place to create the perfet fruit tea blend, with an extremely subtle mint feel.

It all started with a wonderful cuppa tea from a coffee house here in the uk. Primary ingredients being Apple, Papaya, Mint Leaves and Rose Petals.

The Tea smelt and tasted so good, I recreated it in a Vapable form.

HLQ Black Tea is Chefs Fab MIx Black Tea

If you have the concentrates to mix it up, let me know what you think.

Refreshing slightly spiced Thai Iced Tea. ideal for this summer.
Simple, sweet and sensational aromas packed in this refreshing mix.

Most ingredients speak for themselves but the new kid on the block is Lemon Wedge from FLV, A real fruit lime that is crisp and bright with strong notes of both juice and skin.
RF-SC Baja Soda is a lemonish sparkling aroma, one of their best soda aromas.
FLV Thai Chai is a rich Thai tea flavor filled with cream, toasted coconut, and spiced tea. Thai Tea is made from strongly-brewed black tea, often spiced with ingredients such as star anise, crushed tamarind, cardamom, and occasionally others as well (often making this beverage a favorite among masala chai tea fans).

Add (more) sweet and/or cooling at your liking.

s/v 24 hours rest but perfect in 3 days, enjoy


A floral forward vape for the summer, with some dark floral spices and bright fruit to lift it up towards the end.

Summer's Wallow

What to do, oh what to do.
I don't know
There's Nothing to do, oh nothing to do,
Yet so many things to do...

What to do, oh what to do,
There's Nothing I want, nothing I want to do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things I need to do,
but nothing that I can do.

What to do, oh what to do,
There's so many things, too many things,
But maybe I can do.

Artwork courtesy Google Search via https://fineartamerica.com/featured/swallows-in-summer-trudi-doyle.html

Inspiration from Springtime by /u/HocusKrokus, Kawayan by /u/RuntDastardly, and the floral episode of NOTED

Suggested Soundtrack: Chariot, by Beach House

Recommended Drink: Lime, Seltzer, Wodka, Cactus Pear (or other bright fruit)

A gourmet tea mix that has the papaya-tangerine tandem as the main note accentuated by florals.

I'm playing with a few variations on this recipe, but I love this original recipe. It was a second revision of the idea, the first one was a little lower on flavorings but I felt it needed to be a little more vibrant in general. The yogurt is not a full on yogurt kind of flavor, for me it adds to the overall tangy notes in the lychee, which turns this into more of a sweet cream thai chai with lychee in it. I am making another variation with other tropical fruits, but that one is not finished yet.

The FLV Thai Chai and FA Bergamot combo is definitely a flavor mix I foresee making several recipes around. The way these two flavors blend makes a lovely base flavor to layer other flavors over.

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Flavorah's Turkish Tobacco has enough of a leafy tobacco taste coupled with that lighter sweeter floral notes to work in this recipe. Considering how strong it is I went low, but I wanted it to be the main flavor profile in this recipe. The Thai Chai is also incredibly strong so I went super low with that as well. I wanted that bit of spice and citrus notes from the Thai Chai to balance with leafy floral notes of the Turkish tobacco. I think an alternative to the turkish could be the FLV Commercial Cigarette at the same amount, it wouldn't have as much of the leafy but it would work.

The dash of FlavourArt Cardamom adds to the Chai taste, adding warmth and spice to the overall flavor. The FA Bergamot filled in an empty spot that I felt the recipe had when I first mixed it without it. There was just a little something missing. The dry citrus note of bergamot was perfect to fill in that space, and the added spicy note just blends into the chai flavors. I didn't want to add too much more sweetness since Marzipan is already present as a sweetness in this recipe.

Adding in the Cream and Marzipan was to smooth the tea and tobacco flavors out and marzipan sweetens the mix overall and works so well with cardamom.

I've vaped most of the 30ml batch, and I've steeped it for 6 days now and haven't noticed any change today to this recipe. I think it is fully steeped at day 5.

I would say this is one of the most interesting tobacco flavors I've created even though I am known for making some far out weird tobacco blends. I've gone ahead and mixed myself a 120ml bottle, and when I do that I know it's a flavor I want to vape pretty frequently for the next month. Give it a try and maybe you'll find a new ADV.


This Thai tea.
I love Thai tea, sweet, rich, light coconut.
Flv Thai Chai has it all.
It's such a powerful flavor, it has all the right notes we want to build on. We use it here at a half a percent and it clearly shines through the rest of the flavors.

We build upon the coconut with 0.25% FA Coconut.

Flv lemon grass.
This flavor is the most powerful flavor I've ever used. Period.
It's literally 1 drop per 120ml bottle.
The lemon grass is a wonderful flavor, light citrus, rich earthyness with out overpowering everything.
If you don't have this, it can be removed. Just don't sub it with anything. It'll ruin the balance.

HS ice cream.
This complements our cream base and gives us a wonderful full mouth feel.
Iced Thai tea is a very rich and thick drink. HS ice cream gives us that feeling and is delicious.

FA Fresh cream.
Our main milk base. It's rich enough to shine though the bully flavors and maintain the creaminess we need for a real Thai tea.

INW vanilla shisha.
A wonderful compliment to this recipe.
It's bold and thick. Light vanilla notes add to the complexity.

Cap super sweet.
Citric acid helps this mix, you can sub any sweetener you want. But SS is the best here in my opinion.
We need it sweet for authenticity.

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Flavor Notes

By: CheebaSteeba Score: 85 / 100 Solo: 1.0% Mix: 0.5% Steep: 3 days Difficulty: 95 / 100

So, when I first tasted this flavoring @ 3% I thought, "WTF is this?" Then I gave it another go at 1% and thought, "...Seriously WTF is this?" It wasn't until some time later after having a Thai Tea I realized just WTF this flavor is: it's an awesome representation of the sort of spicey/florally notes you would get from a Thai Tea.
This flavoring is tough to describe; I think one comment I saw on it when vaped outside of its optimum range that summed it up pretty well was "Baby Powder." If I had to try to describe it, I would say like a touch of clove, cinnamon, some floral note (I'm not very keen on floral notes), maybe some 5 spice or something... IDK I'm not a doctor.
This is a pretty niche flavoring, and IME has not been an easy one to work with, but it does fill its role rather well and can help create a very pleasant profile. It's not creamy, not earthy, not sweet, so on it's own it's not super pleasant and needs help from other ingredients to really let it shine. It is rather forward, so will most likely be a main note and will dominate more delicate flavors.

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