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(FLV) Sweetness

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 3522 recipes at an average of 0.683%.


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This is my bourbon burnt sugar ice cream. For a more authentic ice cream you may want to add some form of a cooling agent because as is its more of a melted ice cream which is good for me because I like to melt my ice cream a bit and stir it up.

Bourbon Burnt Sugar:
Flavorah Bourbon is a perfect bourbon flavor. I haven't ever tried any other bourbon flavors so I don't know about substitute's. I started at 1% Bourbon which was good but it was just a little better at .75% Bourbon. The burnt sugar I made using brown sugar by tfa at .25% and higher amounts of toasted marshmallow by tfa and crème brulee by inawera. I pushed both to 2.5% to really bring out the toasted notes in both and it worked. The crème brulee also helps bring that eggy note that artisan ice cream and its also quite creamy at this percentage also. I was worried about the ethyl maltol in the toasted marshmallow but it seems to blend the flavors together. Meringue by flavor art at 1% also adds a sugary type of note to the mix.

The ice cream a.k.a. "melted cream":
I used Vanilla bean ice cream by tfa at 4% and then I used 2% French ice cream by hangsen I find these two ice cream flavor's work really well together. I also used 1% of sweet cream by Flavorah this helps bind and smooth out the two ice cream flavors.

Use it if you want and don't use it if you want your choice!!!
Me I only use one sweetener lately and that is Flavorah sweetness I normally only have to use .25 % for the perfect a amount of sweetness for me. I don't know what it is about Flavorah's sweetness that I like so much but its good and a 15ml bottle will last you quite a long time.

STEEP TIME= 10-14 days


So this here was one of my favorites ! I never thought this one would be so easy to remix either! I never really got into buying a lot of commercial E-juice, I did but I didn't if you know what I mean, I bought A lot of my local Vape shops in house juice and a few commercial juices ! Then got right into DIY ! I was introduced by my good hometown friend / mixing buddy now! Barrett AKA (Krucial) , we had been talking about making our on juice for a while and then he started buying flavorings and making it and let me try some, then the rest is history ! Now here I am ! This was one of my go to juices when I felt like spending twenty dollars for a bottle of juice ! Now I can make it myself for maybe two bucks !!!!!!! It's a pretty simple profile, but it was delicious! Trix cereal ! When I smelled FLV Tricks cereal I knew right away I had found the tricks cereal that they were using, its very different than the other tricks cereals and the smell just gave it away ! This is the best tricks cereal imo ! I also knew that they weren't using much flavoring because there cereal line is 90vg , I knew then that I could remix one of my favorite juices !! I mixed this one at first with just FLV Tricks and FLV sweetness and I thought it's pretty close but missing just a little something, then I added the FLV Milk, and I knew then it was spot on !! It's pretty simple and self explanatory! Silly rabbit this juice is not for kids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mix it up rate it and leave your feedback thanks SK !!!!!!! #RemixMonth

In the original recipe I mixed up on the show I used 1% of flv sweetness. While in the long run this isn't bad, it does have too much of the stevia backnote for me at this level, but it will steep out after about a month. I dropped it in this recipe to a more reasonable level of 0.35% but that means initially the mix won't be as sweet. If you want it sweeter add some sucralose based sweetener to your liking instead.

Overall the flavor is almost there now that it has had a 10 day steep. It tastes like a mouthful of the new m and m candies. While I'm not a huge fan of the LB chocolate roll taste, as it does kind of taste like cheap chocolate, it is authentic to the type of cheap chocolate flavor that the candies actually have...though I guess I'm a bit of a chocolate snob and have been spoiled on European chocolate which is so much better than ours in America.

I may still adjust this recipe after I let this mix steep for the full month, which I think the chocolates and cream and peanut flavors really need, but the coffee notes are good.

Photo Credit: photo credit: slambo_42 Mega Ms via photopin (license)

I've adjusted this a little bit because I think the Waffle flavor amount I used in this first batch is a little bit much. I dropped it by 0.10% in this recipe. Originally I used 0.25%. If you want to try it the original way, there is your percentage. It is possible, since it's only been steeping for 4 days that the waffle flavor will mellow out more after another 2 weeks of steeping.

I don't think this recipe is in any way finished. I'm going to let this original batch steep for another week or two and revisit it on the show to see how it turned out and what adjustments should be made.

I think if you like bakeries to be a little sweeter, you may want to add in 0.25% of a sucralose based sweetener, up to 1% if you're using TFAs.

This is a very good straight forward recipe. It tastes like a papaya limeade and that's it. Great when you need something different. A very refreshing summer vape. You probably can shake and vape but I honestly didn't try it on a shake I made a bunch of stuff and was pleasantly surprised out how awesome this turned out. Let me know what you think in the reviews.

Quick and easy summer vape. Perfect as a SnV when you need something quick.
Cool Mint and Sweetener are optional but particularly the cool mint really adds a unique sweetness to the mix.

Mixed on Episode 16 Flavor Pro on Youtube mix it up it tastes like candy!!!

This isn't a clone but purely a remix of adore e liquids blueberry something's profile. Here is adore's description
"Picture a bowl of fresh picked blueberries mixed with a base of fresh baked vanilla cookie crumble and drizzled with a rich vanilla pudding. Now that would be something."

Well I thought it would be something so I made my rendition.

Blueberries: flavor west blueberry is what I chose go figure. I personally think flavor west blueberry tastes like when you mix blueberries and sugar and mash. Well I think it tastes like the syrupy blueberry flavored liquid left behind if that makes any sense to you.

Vanilla cookie: I used a combination of Capella sugar cookie and inawera biscuit. With a little help from vanilla swirl by the flavor apprentice.

Rich vanilla pudding: I used a combination of Flavorah vanilla pudding and Flavorah vanilla custard keeping the vanilla custard low so the custard and egg notes don't invade the pudding flavor.

Well that's it my take on adore e liquids blueberry something. Again this is Not a clone just a remix.

Steep time: well this one is a strange one its a good tasting almost blueberry and cream at 5 days but if you want the cookies to come out and play you will have to let it steep for 10 days or more. This is a good one to make a big bottle of so you can taste it at all the different steep times this is a flavor that gets better and better with a long steep I personally like it best at around 14 days but it is perfectly good at 5 days. I am putting a 10 day steep because that is when I feel you can taste the cookies but it gets better and better every day you can let it steep after day 10.

Sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetener. I personally like Flavorah sweetness in my recipes but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.

A refreshing sweet tea with lemonade and blueberries. An excellent vape for those hot summer days

Flavor Notes

INW Shisha Bilberry -- Immediately I noticed a eucalyptus note with this one. It was off-putting at first but quite juicy and the blueberry flavor is well pronounced. Props to /u/SkiddlzNinja for suggesting a Tea recipe when reviewing this flavor on Noted

INW Eucalyptus w/ Mint -- The eucalyptus and cooling aspect of this flavor is wonderful. Very potent, realistic, and super chilly.

FLV Lemon Tea -- This is my first time trying this flavoring, but it does provide a very nice tea base (I get green tea?) with a bit of lemon accent. I don't particularly notice any dryness. Fairly weak for FLV, had it at 1.5% initially but the tea note was not coming through enough, though it is trying to overcome strong flavors like eucalyptus.

INW Shisha Lemon -- I like the way this one offers a sweet sort of lemon syrup flavor. It manages to really accent the lemon, reinforce the 'sweet tea' aspect, and is sublte enough to let the other flavors penetrate the lemons.

FA Summer Clouds -- So this is an interesting flavoring. The first thing that comes to mind to describe this one is "Mist." I wouldn't say it's "wet," but it certainly isn't dry. It has a slight floral note to it though it's difficult for me to pick out; if I had to guess I might say lavender. It does something pretty wonderful to this mix here playing off of the floral and earth notes. I get maybe a little bit of grapefruit too from it, but it's hard to say since I only SFT @ 1% and it's a fairly mild flavor.

FLV Sweetness -- Recipe wasn't quite as sweet as I wanted it to be so here you go! This one is certainly less concentrated than CAP Super Sweet, and I feel it's more of a rounded sweetness instead of just sucralose, very nice sweetener.

This recipe yields a cool, wet vape with earth, floral, and citrus notes. I wasn't sure if I was going to like this profile, but after mixing it up it is extremely satisfying. Great during the hot day and very soothing on a tired throat.

Sweet strawberry ice cream

Holy Vanilla - true vanilla ice cream flavor that should be in every mixers arsenal. It's extremely versatile and doesn't need as much of a steep time as other VBIC. Mixes well with any combo of fruits I throw at it.
Shisha vanilla is a nice sweet accent
FW, tpa strawberry and tpa ripe strawberry - this combo is Kat's strawberry stone. I use it a lot. Gives a true fresh strawberry flavor.
JF sweet strawberry - this flavor reminds me of juice left in bowl of sugar sweetened strawberries.
FLV sweetness - stevia based sweetness without the aftertaste. At lower percentages it really brightens this mix

Flavor Notes