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A Cranberry & Apple Pie finished with a serving of Vanilla Cream, created for the Fresh From the Kitchen monthly challenge (Fall Recipe)

Tested on a Hussar II Rda with a 2.5mm I.D Ni80 Alien @ 39watts

Off the Shake:
I am getting a heavy apple filling with a slight cranberry & pie base with a hint of cream,

Day 3:
After 3 days it has developed its pie base that is buttery thanks to the Flavor Art Apple Pie & Wonder Flavours Shortbread Cookie, the apple filling and cranberry are both presenting themselves, all the spice notes have settled and are currently offering a good spice note to the Mix. The creams are there but still not as pronounced as I intended.

Day 5:
Tested on a Haku Riviera Single 0.2ohm Alien coil @ 48 watts
FA Apple Pie/ WF Shortbread Cookie are giving me a buttery Pie crust, the fruits are where I want them to be with the right amount of spice, the pear & liquid amber are giving me the stewed fruit texture that I am after. The cream is starting to sit into the tail of the vape as intended, however would still like it to be more prominent.

Day 7: The cream is finally present & playing its role in finishing off the pie.

Day 10: Everything has settled into its place and I am getting a nice buttery dessert pie crust with a stewed apple & cranberry filling with a light amount of spice, finished with a serving of a vanilla cream.

Nice tobacco vape w/ Bourbon, caramel and smoked butterscotch, blending well with the tobacco and van cust.

Berry blend with a light spearminty finish. Kinda like a cool berries. I'm not really a fruit vaper but, this is suprisingly good. Adjust sweetner to liking.





This was my entry to the Developed summertime challenge. A creamy Pina Colada, I was able to create the original with a little advice from NaChef in the form of his recommendation of LB Coconut Milk. It really made a huge difference in the creaminess of the mix. During the airing of the the live show NaChef gave an awesome review of the recipe. Since that time I have messed with the profile several times. Including lowering the Coconut milk way down because after around a month of steeping it took over and ruined the mix. Also during the show NaChef mentioned that he likes to use MB Funky Pineapple with INW Pineapple and I have to agree with him, even though Cap Golden Pineapple was what I had at the time MB Funky Pineapple is a much better choice. I kept most of the original flavorings aside from MB Funky Pineapple and I dropped the Fa Menthol. I've had this recipe private on ELR since just after the challenge. And with Spring 2021 coming I figured I'd add it here for everyone to enjoy.
Good as a SNV but better after a few days.


Custard INW and Custard Premium were meant to go together in my opinion. Add some vanilla pudding in, and you've got a thick, delicious, custard recipe. The eggnog lends a great nutmeg flavor that really works well in custard, and the sweetness is just to increase the sweetness a touch more. If you don't like sweet vapes, leave it out. The Vanilla Pudding already gives some sweetness, but I just love sweet vapes. Leave a comment if you try it. I love to hear from you.

This is a simple, very flavorful Grape vape with light notes of candied raspberry that I can vape all day without tiring of the flavor. It's super easy to make and just as easy to vape.
FLV Grape and WF Grape Juice mesh really nicely to create a very juicy, flavorful grape. FLV Red Raspberry gives it some extra body while imparting a slight sweetness. A light touch of FLV Sweetness makes it pop but if you go too heavy on this it can easily become too sweet, you can emit it all together and it's still a great vape; I actually have trouble deciding if I like it more or less with the sweetness. It has a slight throat hit right off the shake that goes away after a few vapes but it really starts to pop after a day or two.


FA Mango Indian & FLV Mango are a great combination
FLV Sweet Coconut can be substituted with FA Coco'
Adjust sweetener to taste
Banana and mango forwardness varies with device/wattage
Can shake & vape, but much much better after a few days

A simple Cinnamon Crunch ...Of course Cinnamon Crunch is the star of this mix , its a flavor I can vape by itself . I added the Graham just to give the Crunch a little help . Vanilla Custard and Cream together make a nice cream base that isnt over whelming and let's the Cinnamon Crunch hang out throughout the vape...Simple, nothing ground breaking but worth a try ...

Tested with with a Elder Dragon Rda

Vanilla milk and caramel with a hint of actual Kentucky flue cured tobacco leaf. This award-winning flavor can be best described as the King of Tobacco. A caramel vape-uccino with subtle tobacco on the exhale.

Since DIYFS Holy Holy Grail and Holy Vanilla were discontiued i have been trying to use the V2’s to make it work in my original Django Tribute effortlessly, so i made a different version that has the same soul but its a bit less accurate to the original e-juice.

Additional notes:

Holy Holy Grail V2: is thicker, feels more vanilla-like, smoother and milky than its predecessor so adding a bit more Ry4 double caramel and Vanilla Custard makes it heavier and more caramelized.

VTA Salted Caramel: is one of my go to caramels to get that creamy caramel feeling so i prefered to use it while it makes the mix less accurate.

•Stixx Mixx Kentucky Virginian:
This is not in the original mix but is the closest i could find and it resembles quite well the kentucky tobacco used in Django with dark woody notes.
0.5% is pretty low for a NET concentrate but OG Django wasn't really a full tobacco vape and it will be very present in the vape, also it works better at 0.5% with Holy Grail V2.

Mix & Steep:

The original Django was a 60VG/40PG but this mix will also do well in 70VG/30PG.

I Suggest at least a week of steep but its better after 10-15 days.
Best results after 20-30 days.

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