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In my search for a Hawaiian Punch recipe, I took another approach - I searched for what moms were making in the kitchen for their kids. After only a couple of minor revisions, I must say that if this juice was a woman, I'd put a ring on it :)

Note: Apricot and Passion Fruit are from unlisted vendor Flavor Artists (substitutions should be fine)

I created this to challenge myself that Developed's Samoa Sammies could in fact be remixed. And I must say pretty well in fact. Samoan Dream are chocolate, shortbread cookie, with caramel and coconut, almost everything Developed used to create the cookie part of Samoa Sammies. I included the butter base just because well it's Butter Base.
The use of VTA Toffee Ice cream and LB vanilla ice cream made for an amazing ice cream that complimented the cookie part of the original recipe really well.

A nice Cream Cake with a deep strawberry flavor courtesy of the Shisha Strawberry.

So Simply Cake (PUR) is the main cake here and Angel Cake (WF) is here just to add a little cake support.

The Butter Cream Frosting (WF) and Yogurt (OoO) handle the creamy aspect of this recipe.

Then of course the Shisha Strawberry is the Main Strawberry note with a little Red Touch (FA) added as a booster.

Came out pretty delicious. As always any and all comments and criticism is welcomed and encouraged.

0.5% Flavorah Sweetness added to sweeten things up a bit. As always, use whatever sweetener you prefer or leave it out completely. With DIY the choice is always yours. :)

Happy Vaping and Happy Mixing! CV :)

This recipe was submitted by Slushy for You Vote, We Mix. He wanted a Hazelnut, Caramel, Vanilla Cream, Brown Sugar, Tobacco, and that's exactly what he got. It is mostly a dessert tobacco, mild but very saturated with brown sugars, hazelnut, and vanilla cream. If you want a more bold tobacco, we suggest adding a bit of FLV Sweet and Smoky, or FLV Red Burley. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/FOaUQGHf3Xg .
I Felt like this recipe needed more cowbell 😁👍- I chose (JF) RY4 because it's just has a darker brown sugar note paired with (FLV) caramel sets it even deeper. (CAP) vanilla custard 2 works better with RY4's rather than Vanilla Cream. The roasted hazelnut from Wonder flavors was a keeper layered with hazelnuts and cream and (WF) walnut although was really used to backup the nutty aspect of the recipe if you don't have it you can still mix this recipe without it but recommend.

This more than a remix from Developed Bourbon Custard is a bourbon custard my way hope you enjoy!

Sweet vanilla custard with a thick and dense mouthfill, egg notes and topped with Salted caramel is finished with a nice bourbon aftertaste.

I love this type of challenges! Developed team keep ‘em coming!

Just the creation of a simple Vanilla Latte. A deep dark espresso roast coffee blended with steamed sweet milk and infused with a hefty dose of vanilla.

I started this with my absolute favorite coffee flavor VTA Cafe Latte which is just an amazing rich cup of coffee with cream. Then to push the coffee into an espresso I added FA Espresso (Dark Bean). I added VTA Coffee Milk Froth because to me it's just a silky smooth steamed milk that helps make this really creamy and smooth. For the vanilla I choose to use Vanilla Overload because it's just a heavenly vanilla mix. I really don't know why I tossed in JF Cookie but it's so good I wanna put it in everything. Wf Whipped Cream with FlV Sweetness top this off.

Whipped Cheesecake is by far my favorite kind of cheesecake. I hadn't seen any recipes trying to catch that profile so I decided to make my own and add strawberries to the mix. If you've never had Whipped Cheesecake it's exactly how it sounds, cheesecake and whipped cream mixed together before being added to a crust and chilled. Then a bit more whipped cream is put on top, usually around the edge but sometimes all over. It's lighter and fluffier than regular cheesecake and usually sweeter. INW Yes, We Cheesecake and WF Strawberry Cheesecake are perfect for this when mixed with Cheesecake Graham Crust. The whipped cream part definitely needed TFA Whipped Cream for it's blending ability, WF Whipped Cream Fresh to help the cream body and OoO Whipped Cream because it has the ability to rise above and sit on top. Sweet Strawberry by VT and VT Glazed Strawberries are a must for Strawberry Cheesecake imo. FLV Sweetness was used because it works so well with creams to sweeten them and pump them up.

I'm happy with this mix and I hope you enjoy but I may come back and tweak it a bit from time to time.

I remixed this just for Folkart so he can have his cookies and cream milkshake.

I've been working on this recipe on and off for about 5 or 6 months and after the WF Challenge this is first my official recipe. Started down this journey after trying a salted caramel macchiato commercial brand that was so damn awful it sent me on a search. After trying a lot of other mixers recipes which I thought were to dark for my palate I started on this mix. Special shout out to Duckie and Folkart who tried to explain to me about muting, EM and to leave out the kitchen sink but this is the best version that I came up with. I like my coffee light, creamy, sweet and love the white chocolate in this. If you want to bump up the sweetness I will sometimes put .25% of Super Sweet I totally understand if you don't I'm strange I guess.
Pur Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk still being sold at Nomz
Beginning Mixer Creed: Nothing comes out right. Why did I ever start mixing. I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Why don't I quit now. That's right because I'm always in pursuit of that one mix that I can look back on and say, yeah I did that.

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