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Straight from a Jamaican beach comes this spiced,mango delight with hints of coconut and orange. different but definitely delicious if your into this kind of thing so if your looking for something different and unique then give this one a mix and let me know what you think. Thanks guys and take care 💙

A Really Nice Sweet & Juicy Flavor. Enjoy a "Slice of Mango" !


Just a simple mango passion fruit I’ve been playing around with, I think it’s turned out really good!
The passion fruit sits on top with the mango coming in after, if you mix it let me know your thoughts
Tested on a citadel, 0.4 ohm fused Clapton at 46 watts

A nice, tasty and simple fruity mix. Shake & Vape or use in a mix.


In this episode of Blind ReMix, Nachef described Mango Creamsicle by MilkMan to MaxSavage and Folkart. What was surprising to learn was that there wasn't much "creamsicle" in the original. It was creamy and full, but no discernable vanillas, ice creams, creams, or milks. So, to try and stay accurate to what Nachef was tasting, we decided to make it mostly a smooth, sticky, sweet, mango. We think we came very close to the original and it did seem a bit creamy. Maybe not a "creamsicle", but pretty accurate to the original. See the full Episode and flavor notes at https://youtu.be/eFx0yJW18jI .

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Not much to say here as the name pretty much gives away the profile here! MANGOOOOO ! If you love a smooth sweet Mango infused with some energy drink feel this will be for you!! Enjoy off the shake and blends even better with an overnight steep!

Apricot and ripe peach combined to make the peach note i added just a touch of the new sweet mango to boost the sweet note in the peach without adding other unfavorable peaches and then using liquid amber at aloe % I gave it the cooked note. Vanilla custard was added more as an emulsifier and for some of those wet center of a bakery that has fruit in it note. The. Adding the appropriate sweetener to add the level of sweetness you get in a bakery. For the bakery part i used sugar cookie and enhanced it with some crumble topping.


Vanilla Ice Cream, to enjoy on its own or use as a base to top with goodies. This is @ID10-T ice cream base with the new FLV Mangos on top!

For whatever reason, some of us suffer from pepper tasting. Where others taste delicious vanilla ice cream, we taste something like a hybrid of black pepper and oxidized nic. If TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream does not taste like pepper to you, ignore this recipe. Go vape TFA VBIC, you lucky ducky.

For some who can't enjoy TFA VBIC, Capella and Flavor West versions of VBIC are often offered as alternatives, but they're inferior, for most profiles, anyway. Perhaps you can enjoy LB Vanilla Ice Cream, though. If LB VIC does not taste like ice cream with some pepper in it to you, ignore this recipe. Go mix The Trinity Vanilla Ice Cream right now. It'll rock your socks!

But for the most unfortunate pepper tasters, even LB VIC has the some of the dreaded off-note. You might even have thoroughly enjoyed it the past, only to find that it's now starting to make you wonder whether your nic base is beginning to head south. Pay attention, pepper people, this one is just for YOU.

WF Vanilla Ice Cream provides the most authentic vanilla ice cream top note you're going to find, I think. TFA Vanilla Swirl tastes like soft serve, the shittiest form of ice cream there is, but it's got volume for days and it perfectly fills in a little dead space in the middle here. SSA Ice Cream Vanilla is literally the finishing touch, as a touch of it here provides a lingering, satisfying vanilla ice cream finish.

Mixed live on Fresh03. This is a Mango, Berry, Peach Smoothie with a touch of Ginger.


I wanted to test out two of the new Flavorah Mangos and this came out really tasty after multiple revisions on percentages. This ended up being a great combo. If you prefer your juice less sweet, leave out the Super sweet.

Tastes like a JuMex Mango Nectar drink.
Throw .25% WS-23 in it for a Mango nectar popsicle

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