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(FLV) Sweet Fig

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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So today on SaturDIY'ing with fresh03 and Friends! we are celebrating Addy's retirement by doing a Wishing Well! A wish for Mark Clough!

Fresh made a donation and requested a French pastry from me. I know Fresh is a breakfast pastry lover so I chose a traditional, delicious French breakfast pastry called 'pain aux raisins' or 'currant bread' in English. It's a lovely flaky pastry jammed with custard and raisins and a nice sweet sugar glaze on top. This is how we made it, with the help of @TamVapes:

WF Croissant/VT Croissant/JF Biscuit = for the pastry which is strong and buttery.

WF Caramel Butter = has the job of adding butter, that little browning of flaky pastry and some sweetness on top.

FA Custard Premium/LB Vanilla Ice Cream/FLV Vanilla Pudding = that's Fresh's quick custard which is well eggy and vanilla reach which is what we want.

FLV Raisin Rum/FLV Sweet Fig= for the raisins and the currants and that dash of rum in every custard-filled viennoiserie in France.

I hope you enjoy it and Fresh too!

Be Queer & vape on,

C. aka Queer Your Vape

[Photo credits = www.thespruceeats.com]

Mixing up an exotic bakery. Decided on an Arabian date filled cookie.

All Flavorah recipe for Flavorah contest. A yummy spiced raise rum pudding.


This is hands down the best granola I’ve ever made.

The FLV Granola and Crunch Cereals ingredients actually make this granola stand out cause it tastes like granola. Every layer has a different seasoning/spice/texture. This mix is awesome. The Cranberry/Fig flavored granola topped with the thicker texture and tangier flavor from Greek Yogurt. Sweetened with Honey Bee, this granola is so good, I plan on making another batch of it tonight.

I love Irish soda bread and it is a tradition at this time of the year for me to seek out some ( because heck no - I do not bake)

Anyone that has had Irish soda bread recognizes that it does not really have a soft bread texture but a texture that is similar to a scone, dry and crumbling. So in order to achieve that I used shyndos bread stone https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/57854#bread_stone_by_shyndo RF baked bread which is more of a white fluffy bread with cap 27 and INW biscuit for the grainy dry back note that works well with the RF baked bread to leave that dry finish.

There is also a sweetness that raisins or currants add to the bread so using sweet fig and apple cranberry I was able to add that slight top note of sweetness I wanted along with the brown sugar at the back end of the exhale.

The cap yogurt adds that slight sour note that buttermilk would add in a soda bread along with some mouth feel.

My favorite thing to put on warm Irish soda bread is butter and VT butter base is perfect for that .

This is a winner and I am really happy with it - it is spot on - I hope you enjoy

This was made for a DIY Down under face group mixers challenge in which pear needed to be the main ingredient. if you are interested in joining the monthly challenges you can find the DIY down under group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/diydownunder/

Top note: I wanted the pear to stand out in this mix not the cream so pear candy will boost the FA pear nicely. and also add some sweetness to the mix

mid note: Hangsen ice cream has an almost caramel buttery note @ 1.5-2%. which is what I wanted to add to support the golden syrup and buttery note The FA custard combined with the ice cream and sweet coconut create a lighter cream base that I was after ..( the coconut is not necessary but it adds a bit of sweetness and fluffiness ) NOTE: can sub out regular FA custard but will give you a bit a citrus note which actually works to bring the the pear forward.

base : The shortbread and cookie create the buttery crust for the mix and add the base notes. The fig and golden syrup contrasts the brightness of the pear and create a fig glaze that coats the pear.

A fig Bread Pudding with rum sauce.
Just in time for Christmas and New Years. This is particularly boozy for a shake n Vape, and delicious; however if you can let it steep for a few days for the pudding, fig, and rum to meld in with the dough of the bread pudding and sweet dough, it will be mind blowing. The pumpkin spice adds a perfect flavor for a holiday feel. I love this spice. No sweetener is needed for this, unless you just can’t live without it. 😀.
Peace to everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


This is my take on a fig newton. Its not 100% accurate but really tasty if you like fig and buttery cookies. I haven't been able to nail down that really dense texture but this is pretty close.

Rum soaked raisin and fig, dried and layered into a bright and aromatic spiced Turkish tobacco blend.

Turkish and Native are similar in taste to me, with slight differences. Both are slightly spicy. Turkish has a hint of creaminess to me, and Native has a hint of honey. Due to the spice of each, I feel like darker flavors would mix well, possibly woody type tastes. I went with Fig and Raisin rum here. Raisin rum is more of a rum flavor, and less hints of the fruit but the raisin is there on the back; sweet fig is more textural than it is taste for me, but its there. The fig comes in at the end of the exhale.. I think it all melds extremely well, and a great tobacco vape. Enjoy!

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