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What was I thinking! I actually put a lot of thought into this and decided upon something that would fit the season, but would be just as tasty served ice cold. After a lot of brainstorming, I chose a delicious creamy yam and avocado smoothie with a touch of citrus, dusted with cinnamon.

My first step was to make a rich and creamy citrusy smoothie base. My obvious first choice was FLV Smoothie Base as it brings just the right amount of citrus with it. To thicken it up some, increase the richness and support the citrus note, I added FLV Avocado. Something was still missing, a bit of sweetness and a twist of flavor, which is why I added FLV Sweet Coconut to my smoothie base. After a nice steep (14 days), it‘s really a mouthful!

Now on to the yam, the star of the smoothie. It obviously had to be FLV Yam. I hadn’t worked with it beforehand, but I‘m glad I finally did. It has a very natural sweet taste to me and I wanted to soften it up some, kind of like that pumpkin goo that comes in cans. I (think) I achieved this by adding FLV Marshmallow and FLV Cream (inspired by kindground‘s cooked yam). Last, but not least, the slightest touch of FLV Rich Cinnamon was added to act as a spicy counterpart to the citrus note.

All in all, I really enjoy it as does my SO. It plays very well with clove, nutmeg and ginger variations. I‘m thinking of maybe introducing a fruit like fig or persimmon, but that lies in the future.

Tested on a Nudge 22mm, 3mm - 0,25 Ohm Ni80 - Flapton, 50 Watts.

A shout out goes to the beautiful Gloria Gaynor, whose music inspired this title and served as a wonderful companion growing up. Every Saturday, you‘d find me hanging out at the roller rink with friends, skating, playing air hockey and asteroids and listening to tunes of the 70‘s and 80‘s.

A second shout out goes to our great DIY community, without whom I would have never come this far. You are the best!

If you happen to have the flavors in your stash, I‘d be happy if you‘d give it a try.

Pi2 aka QueenBuzyBee


Really rich, thick, smooth coconut cream.

I’ve been trying to make a coconut cream on and off for a while, but the results just didn’t match exactly what I had envisioned. This came out exactly how I’d hoped.

The MB Palm Coconut and FLV Sweet Coconut make a lovely combo. I love CC Devon Cream. I’ve found if you want to use it as a main cream note it’s got to be cranked up a bit.

I borrowed a couple of elements I really liked from Leche De Coco by hashslingingslashur. TFA CCGC adds to the richness of the cream and adds to the almost grated texture the Palm Coconut has. The FA Fresh Cream stops it being too dark.

It’s best after 7 days steep for the richness and thickness of the cream to develop and the coconut to really blend in.


This is an authentic tasting Italian Cream Cake. For the base I used WF Angel Cake SC. It reminds me of a nice and buttery moist yellow cake. I wanted to give the cake a little more substance and grit so I went with JF Biscuit. Of course you can't have an Italian Cream Cake without HS Italian Cream. This cream is off the charts good! All you need is 1% of this butter cream icing. FLV Sweet Coconut pairs well with Italian Cream. It's a very subtle coconut but it's the most authentic IMO. I topped the recipe off with FA Almond.

Please enjoy and share your feedback!

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after a 24 hour steep

Me gusta bastente esta receta creo que se puede mejorar.Me gustaria hacer una receta 100% al recuerdo de Rice Pudding que hacia mi abuela esto se aproxima creo me falta algo todavia. Base +Rice Crunchies +Sweet Rice esto hace la base de arroz.Sweet Cream + Love DIY esto suaviza y lo aterciopela y endulza. Bavarian Cream esto lo une todo.Rich Cinnamon le da ese puntito de canela dulce.Custard Premium +Vanilla Swirl esto hace la crema.

A soft, green tea with apple and coconut.

FM Green Apple and FA Fuji make up a crisp, tart apple while FLV Sweet Coconut and Soursop bring a little cream and helps blend.

This is not a flavor monster. I was going for something light to vape all day in an RTA.

If you liked Fried Ice Cream then you'll enjoy this - Fried Ice Cream Donut.
Same recipe but ive swapped out Wf puff cereal for Wf glazed donut and is works so well. Same great vape just a different twist

Tastes like hagan daaz rolled in cereal and nuts then deep fried with accents of mild & smooth coconut and just a pinch of cinnamon. Mmmmm


A s'mores milkshake. Rich and creamy. Vanilla Ice Cream and Milky Undertone is the milkshake base. I chose FW graham cracker because I like the spice notes I get from it. Glamour chocolate with a hint of sweet coconut reminds me of a Hershey's chocolate bar. Toasted marshmallow because it's an accurate toasted marshmallow. Sweeten to taste and enjoy! I had a video shot for this mix but my dumb ass didn't hit record!

Custard Creams are a traditional and classic British biscuit (cookie in the US) . They are a type of sandwich biscuit filled with a creamy, custard-flavoured centre. Traditionally the filling is vanilla flavour . I wanted to do a variation with a much richer , buttery biscuit and a creamy lemon custard filling .
Good after 10 days but really benefits from at least 14 days steeping

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