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(FLV) Sweet Coconut

By: Flavorah (FLV) - Buy Direct
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Sweet yet kind of authentic strawberry going on here swirled into an epic ice cream.
Devon cream is the main cornish ice cream flavour with custard premium bringing in the main vanilla notes followed by french vanilla ice cream which adds more vanilla and some thickness but amplifies the ice cream right up.
Sweet coconut actually works really well in this too as its a little subtle and creamy and actually makes this a little more interesting

A tropical fruit mix which is perfect for the hot summer weather . Sweetener is optional if you prefer it .

Best after a 24 hour steep

Me gusta bastente esta receta creo que se puede mejorar.Me gustaria hacer una receta 100% al recuerdo de Rice Pudding que hacia mi abuela esto se aproxima creo me falta algo todavia. Base +Rice Crunchies +Sweet Rice esto hace la base de arroz.Sweet Cream + Love DIY esto suaviza y lo aterciopela y endulza. Bavarian Cream esto lo une todo.Rich Cinnamon le da ese puntito de canela dulce.Custard Premium +Vanilla Swirl esto hace la crema.

Theres a new kid in town and he's sweet coconut chocolate mayhem.

Coconut custard has a great bounty like coconut flavour doubled with sweet coconut we already have a creamy power punching coconut - dessicated coconut adds some authenticity to the coconut.
Chocolate milk helps drive the profile in the right direction then the added Fa Milk helps it lacking milk qualities - Flv Milk chocolate adds a darker depth to it and helps the coconut shine a little more.
HS FVIC and FA Whipped Cream adds body and richness to the mix and intensifies the creamy aspect.

simular to caramel bandit but vanilla the almond and coconut work well with the profile and is drizzled in syrup.
The vanilla in here is sweet and bright which sits well with the almond and coconut

A soft, green tea with apple and coconut.

FM Green Apple and FA Fuji make up a crisp, tart apple while FLV Sweet Coconut and Soursop bring a little cream and helps blend.

This is not a flavor monster. I was going for something light to vape all day in an RTA.

If you liked Fried Ice Cream then you'll enjoy this - Fried Ice Cream Donut.
Same recipe but ive swapped out Wf puff cereal for Wf glazed donut and is works so well. Same great vape just a different twist

Not done - yet. This is good, but I’m going to keep working on it and updating it.

A creamy pear-coconut. I’ve been reworking this profile to death and I think this is the best it’s going to get.

MB Shape Up and WF Ripe Pear to get a real pear flavor with the gritty mouthfeel.

FLV Sweet Coconut for some cream with VT Desiccated Coconut for flavor and texture.

VT Avocado Cream so no flavors get blown out by a vanilla/eggy/buttery cream.

TPA Graham Cracker Clear for a little sumthin’ extra.

A lovely blend of tropical fruits merged with sweet creams

Tastes like hagan daaz rolled in cereal and nuts then deep fried with accents of mild & smooth coconut and just a pinch of cinnamon. Mmmmm

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