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The tobacco combo I use in my classic (sweet and Smokey - native) with out the butter scotch and graham . Instead I swapped in sugar cookie, pistachio and fig.
Brought in a different creamy with vanilla custard v2.

Sweet nutty notes from pistachio/fig combo.
Light custard body.
Classic tobacco blend creating a dessert tobacco with nuances from multiple savory angles.

While looking up photos I stumbled across Charlie nobles Tripoli (Stealing Photo). Similar profile notes but never tried. Leave a comment on thoughts.
5 day steep. Better two weeks


A rich, sweet, smokey RY4 showcasing FLV RY4.
Made for Flavorbook Entry: FLV RY4

Apologies to those that might be perturbed by dropping of two versions of the same recipe. I was really hoping to have done more mixing with my Spring Break, but alas, lethargy won out. I am very fond of these two dessert style tobaccos.

Inspired by some Easter-themed carrot cake cupcakes my wife bought from an online farmers' market that delivers local-made stuff weekly. A dessert tobacco built around the flavors found in a delicately-spiced, lavishly-iced carrot cake. My wife thought it was more of a buttercream on the cupcakes . . . I thought it tasted of the classic cream cheese icing, so I just did both (with some added TFA VC 2 . . . because custard makes everything better). FLV Pumpkin Spice carries similar flavors to what would be found in a carrot cake. FLV Turkish adds the spiced tobacco note. FW Butter Pecan brings the brown sugar and pecans, with WF Walnut to add to the classic components. FW Graham Cracker rounds out the body.

This is the Deluxe version I've been vaping on (deluxe in the sense that this is the sweeter, stickier version of the original) . . . a little bit more tobacco in the way of FLV Sweet & Smokey, a little bit more graham and cream from JF Cheesecake Graham Crust, and a boost to the Butter Pecan with WF Caramel (Salted) . . . all wrapped up with a kiss of FW Sweetener. At 20% with 12 different components, this is unlikely to be everybody's cup of tea . . . and, while I'm still digging the original version, this felt like it needed to be shared, too . . . for the more adventurous mixers out there. The original is for a more subdued, porch swinging in the Spring air nursing a beer type vibe. I'm reaching for deluxe to take to work for the ride and for my 25 minute lunch break for it's punch in the palate of flavor . . . to enjoy while driving around listening to shoegaze music really loud.

TPAs VC2 at 4% is a nice custard with dark vanilla notes and just thick enough to leave some headroom for the tobacco base to come through
JF RY4D adds the well known smoky caramel note to the mix backed up with FLV Sweet&Smokey to give you a more true tobacco note.

I enjoy this after a 24hr steep but i would recommend a 7day steep for the whole thing to blend together

Tested on a citadel SFC 0.5Ω @ 35 Watts

A tobacco mix with licorice. Cut Supersweet and increase Sweet and Smokey Tobacco to 2% to get a more tobaccoish flavor.

Steep to taste, as I rarely do. Steep increases the licorice blend more.

Took inspiration from: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3536373/Caramel%20Apple%20Ry4

These flavors all complement each other so well. If you want a rich dessert with a light tobacco, look no further. Its pretty tasty and not bad for one of my first attempts at an original tobacco recipe. You get a nice forward butterscotch and custard followed up with a rich caramel and tobacco note on the back end.I'm very happy with it off the shake but gets much better after a few days.

A cigar-tobacco recipe.This is quite old school,mixed mostly with flavours that have been around for years.Cigar Passion(FA),which has been renamed to Cigar Old,gives a slight floral note to the mix.This note can be detected in some Tuscan cigars


This is a super smooth chocolate and mint tobacco. An after dinner vape that is just right and hits all of the notes.

Need around 5+ days steep. This was made with the OG Version of Holy Grail RY4. If you don’t have the og I’m not sure how V2 will work as a replacement bc i have never tried it. TPA ry4 double or JF Ry4 could also be replacements.

Ooofff I had so much fun creating this one!
I’m a weirdo that enjoys a complex tobacco tobacco with hints of sweet notes and layers.
The following combinations created my cigarrillo
Max blend for the darker tobacco notes
Desert Ship has spicy notes and has a dryer yellow tobacco note
DK Tab brings a nutty aspect with sweet tobacco notes
Clove is a my separator and dances around all the other flavors
Out of all the bourbons out there I picked aged bourbon cream because it serves dual purpose it brings bourbon to the party while emulsifying the tobaccos and blending really nicely with the Honeybee I used for the touch of honey note. Sweet Fig is that surprise flavor I placed smack in the middle of this mix that makes vaping this tobacco quite a unique experience because in this mix it almost taste like a plumb note.
To round out the recipe I finished it off with sweet and smokey tobacco it does exactly what is expected adds a smokey sweet finish.

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