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(FLV) Sun Cookie

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 12 recipes at an average of 1.142%.


2 DIY E-Liquid Recipes found

I derive from the sun, utilizing its energies. I'm here to communicate not just illuminate. (last sentence of a poem by Zoe Ann Grimwood, UK)

Solar Flare, a tobacco vape based on cookies and tobacco, gently embraced by a smooth Vanilla Bourbon cream from FA
FLV Virginian tobacco, a less harsh, earthy tobacco flavor, a perfect tobacco flavor to be molded with the spices and soft cookie aromas from the FLV Sweet dough and FLV Sun Cookie. FA Vanilla Bourbon blends the whole mix by adding a creamy layer and depth to this wonderful juice.

It needs 3 weeks (or longer) to steep before it gets a sudden flash of increased brightness :-)

Week 21 Flavor-pro week of the year or year in mixing or whatever it's called challenge. Custards - this one is basic and paired with apples and a little bit of crust and a bunch of cavendish which is a fav of mine. I'm a relative newbie to mixing - just fyi to other newbies looking at recipes.

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