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(FLV) Sugar Orchid

By: Flavorah (FLV)

Used in 51 recipes at an average of 0.622%.


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This is a cinnamon candy (atomic style) with a light vanilla accent that i absolutely love. It's not overpowering but definitely does not shy away from the cinnamon candy aspect. It tastes good as a shake and vape but tastes really good after a 4-5 day steep.

Something to remind me during these cold winterperiode that summer is halfway 2020 ;-)
Happy New Year to all!

Please remember that this recipe is been made to my liking.
As a mixer you should taste the recipe and adjust the quantity of aromas and sweetness to your liking. I just provide the necessary building blocks.

She lives life on the edge, she is unafraid to break free, she is a
"Wild Woman"

This recipe is dedicated to all the woman who don't conform to societal constraints and unashamedly live their lives wild & free!

This is reflected in this recipe by jumping free & using magical flavors to bring together what I think is the most beautiful & unique recipe I have ever created to date.

The Concept :
I set out to simply create a mix that seemingly sparkles with sweetness and loveliness that while it is kind of a hybrid style recipe still maintains a the sole purpose of being a delicious and a magical experience.
I think I have achieved this here.

The Sparkles of sweetness in this profile are carefully considered and positioned in this recipe.

The Flavorah Frosting has a wonderful textual sweet edge & a delectable vanilla that blends though this profile.

The Musk Candy & Rainbow Sherbet together bring some of the
"pink magic" flavor here and they are great friends.

The LB Vanilla Ice Cream offers a lovely full bed of clouds that assists to not only smooth out any high notes here but also adds a lovely fullness to the over all profile.

The FW Wild Berry Cobbler brings in another dimension of sweet berry notes that contrasts against that "pink magic". It also helps to bring some extra body to the overall vape.

The FLV Sugar Orchid is the magic wand of fairy dust here that delivers a unique and magical sweetness, but she is a wild one to use and restraint is the key to success when using this flavor.

Off the shake - I get a full bodied base of the ice cream with a wonderful separation of flavor over the top of that base that I can only describe as a delectable & sparkling fairy dust. I know that sounds insane but this entire profile is. However it just works and is not just a recipe to enjoy, rather it is an experience of textual & unique sweetness that I simply can't describe fully but you will understand when you mix this.

She's Magic ! She's Wild !

Give it a go and let me know what you thought of this!

I am really looking forward to seeing how this steeps out in the coming weeks and days to see how if she tames or stays wild ! lol


I tested on a Wotofo Recurve DUAL RDA 0.14ohm SST coils at 65w

I hope you enjoy this just as much as I enjoyed creating this recipe, but let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Seriously if you like a solid recipe that works give it a go!

Cheers for reading this far, now go and get mixing!

"Together, Let's Discover!!!"

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See the creation of it here:

Got my head in a spin with these new FLV concentrates....seriously impressive and a joy to work with.
My Nan used to be a HUGE gin drinker and most times end up flashing her knickers at all the old fuckers and they bloody loved it!! I always remember my Nan getting very tearful after a good old gin sesh so this recipe is for you nana! Love you 💙 this can be S&V but like everything in life (apart from clean underwear) it gets better with a little age. (1-2 days). Please feel free to leave your comments good or bad and rate my recipe it really means a lot to me. Thank you all and happy mixing 😎

Recipe designed based off the description of how skooma is made in the world of Skyrim. According to their wiki, it is a super sweet sugary substance called moon sugar, blended with a "nightshade" of which there is no other description. So taking from that, this flavor is friggin sweet. Moon sugar is supposed to be super sweet, so yes, I used 3% CAP super sweet to stimulate this effect...and yes it's a lot, but it kinda needs it for the fantasy of this recipe.

OOO Powdered sugar gives it a slightly more powdered and little bit waxy nature, which was exactly what I intended it to do.

For the non descriptive nightshade notes, I decided to do something that would resemble belladonna berries, because that seems like the most logical nightshade to include in a narcotic type substance, choosing flv elderflower and boysenberry for berry type notes, the syrupy sweetness of elderflower adding to the boysenberry. Sugar orchid also adds a bit of waxy floral note, and FA violet adds some floral spice notes. The little bit of kick from the VT bitters adds just a touch of bite to the berries cutting through the sweetness and giving balance to the recipe.

Would I suggest mixing this? Well if you like sweet vapes, it will hit the spot. But it is a fantasy flavor not based in reality and may be a bit much for many mixers who have never played with florals. It is weird. And if you're sensitive to sucralose it's really not the recipe for you. You can try to sub the super sweet, but it was the only one that gave the sugar lips effect I was aiming for (yes I tried a few different ones.) If you do mix this, I suggest only mixing a 10ml to start with.

This is a twist on an traditional Italian peach cookie. The traditional cookie does not have any peach in it but the they are dipped in an Italian liqueur called Alchermes which gives them a peach color and then they are rolled in sugar. Alchermes can be hard to find out side of Italy and it is often substituted with peach liquor in america. Alhtough it tends to have a light cherry note and can be a little bitter. On the inhale you get the almond cookie with
some of the custard and on the exhale you get the slight peach note.

WF almond cookie and FA marzipan create the soft cookie base for the peach cream, WF almond cookie is simply spot on and I try to use whenever i can .
FA premium custard I went back and forth on the cream filling here and tried Bavarian creme, catalan cream and Vienna cream and all can work but I just really liked it best with the premium custard
WF cream peach pie The peach in WF is just a perfect slightly cooked peach that works here
FA apricot adds some depth to the peach and helps add some of the deeper notes
FA lemon helps the sweet notes pop and is used in the actual Italian recipe
sugar orchid I have been struggling with how to use this flavor and I think I have finally figured it out - as it has a lovely light cherry vanilla back note with an almost grainy sugar texture.. It is pretty potent. The traditional liquor that is used in this recipe has some cherry notes and the cookie is rolled in sugar
shisha Vanilla is added simple to support the vanilla notes in this mix

STEEP 5 - 7 days min for custard to settle in - this is a subtle flavor profile and may be be for every one but it is unique doe snot assault the palate

NOTES: you can sub or add the folowing:
SUB for FA premium custard: for a lighter cream with less of a eggy note you can use TPA Bavarian cream, FLV vanilla pudding or JF Bavarian cream for a lighter cream with less of an eggy note.
If you want to support the lemon top note add FA custard
Feel free to add sweetner to your taste I use FLV at .30
FLV basil : these cookies are often eaten with mint or basil , adding a low percentage of basil to this mix gives a unique finish that adds a light savory note to the mix

Complex? Yes, but every concentrate deserves its place in this light but flavorful packed vape.
It started as a question on FB first, I thought it was a challenge if I could replicate/create this wonderful Blood Orange Cheesecake.

For the bottom part: Used INW Biscuit and CAP Sugar Cookie with a pinch of FLV Cupcake Batter to soften and moisten the bottom layer.

Filling: FA Blood Orange, CAP NY Cheesecake, and FLV Marshmallow to create the cheesecake filling, light and fluffy.

Furthermore, I used WF Vanilla Cream Extra and FLV Sugar Orchid for the top layer, just to add a light creamy vanilla and candied touch to this recipe.
I added some FLV Sweetness, I like sweet desserts.

An extremely balanced and well-layered recipe, one I am proud of.
The FA Blood Orange never get overhand in this mix, it just lingers in the background, reminding this is a Bloody Orange Cheesecake ;-)

Steep, best after 10 day's

I know, I know... not another floral macaron. I was not sure which profile I would want to use in the end. Needless to say I made several versions of floral macarons thinking that I would settle on just one of them. However, I liked where they were all going, so I have kept working on the other ones as well. It has taken several failed attempts to get the ratios/flavors that I am happy with. I wanted light floral accents, not perfume. This will not be for everyone, but if you are feeling adventurous you should give it a try. You might surprise yourself!

The Violet and the Sugar Orchid accent each other nicely and the Holy Vanilla and FLV-Frosting blended them together seamlessly. Props to @Shyndo and anyone else who had a hand in coming up with the base macaron flavors/percentages.

Personally I liked this without sweetener but if you like sweeter vapes I suggest using Vanilla Sugar Daddy. I think that it would blend seamlessly with these flavors. If you are a serious floral devotee then you might want to raise the percents a tad on the Sugar Orchid and Violet. The image and idea were found on Pinterest.

This is a french cake croissant. The angel cake and whitw cake blend to make a wonderful white cake and the flv cup cake batter give it that inner moist cake flavor. The cake is surrounded by layers of flaky delicious croissant crust. Sugar orchid gives the cake a wonderful pop of deliciousness! Of course the flakey cake needs a drizzle of powdered sugar frosting.

I have been searching cakes for the past col years and this one is by far my favorite so far! Give it a try you'll love it! It turned out absolutely delicious!! Not too light not too dense but just right! I cant put it down its so good!

This is a really nice easy slightly floral tea. Stixx mix turners tea is the base that I used to build around and is just lovely by it self but want to pull out some of the notes I get from it.

SM turner tea- light green tea with mild vegetal flavors and notes of rose and cherry that is just lovely, and is the perfect base for this mix.
TPA honeysuckle - ever since I mixed up longing by @id10-T I have been in love . - it has a floral sweetness and adds a lovely creamy mouth feel that works so well in this type of mix.
sugar orchid slight cherry blosom vanilla note that is perfect int his mix
FLv honey bee- this is a very light sweet floral honey that if used low is the honey you want in a honey sweet tea.

Flavor Notes