(FLV) Strawberry Filling

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A juicy fusion of mouth watering watermelon and sweet strawberries.This is a recipe that I just whipped up to try out some new flavors no agenda in mind. When I went to taste it I was pleasantly surprised it tasted almost exactly like Watermelon Rush by Mega e liquids a Sister company of Verdict Vapors. My good friend happens to be sponscered by Verdict vapors so I was pretty sure he would have a bottle laying around somewhere and he did so I did a side by side taste test and the only difference was there version had a bad throat hit and mine doesn't but other than that it tastes exactly like Watermelon Rush from Mega e liquids. I made this completely by accident so I will leave the reasoning to the imagination. Oh and this is made with all Flavorah flavoring I used one drop of Sweetness per 10ml. This is good as a shake and vape but even better after the flavors have more time to mesh. There is something to be said about mixing flavorah flavors with flavorah flavors because flavorah unlike most other companies is formulated for vaping not baking and or making candy is made for vapeing and you can definitely taste the difference when using all flavors formulated with vaping as the main form of use in mind.

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