(FLV) Sour Apple

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Carnage tribute

Delicious blend of berries and blue rock candy. Still a WIP but very close.


This is a remix of my grapple recipe. Grapple was the recipe I submitted for round one of diy or dies round one of the world mixing championship. All I changed in this remix is the apple used. In the original I used 3% Fuji apple by flavor art and in this version I used sour apple by flavorah which makes it a sour grapple lol. This is totally vapable after a shake but I find it best after an overnight steep it calms down quite a bit and has enough time to blend perfectly in about 12 hours. Enjoy this sour grapple!!!!

Strawberry, Apples, and Brie Cheese Yum! Musky goodness with sweetness!

A sour apple / strawberry lemonade, kept simple. This is a nice palate cleanser, which I was in desperate need of, but also has some interesting flavour and discoveries. Notes below.

FLV Lemonade / LA Lemonade - This is our base for this recipe, and it is quite good. Using a roughly 2:1 ratio of LA:FLV gives us an almost Country Time lemonade feel. The LA Lemonade still pushes to the front, which I believe is the superior of the two concentrates in terms of flavour, however, on the back end of the vape, we can notice a slight powdery sweetness that plays as a reminder of that deliciously artificial and sweet lemonade mix. While both work on their own, when combined, it just adds an extra layer of depth to the experience.

FLV Sour Apple / INW Two Apples - we get most of the apple flavour in this recipe from INW Two Apples. This concentrate is heavier on the green apple note, but there is some nice balance with the subtle back notes of a redder and sweeter apple. Going much higher than 2% on INW Two Apples will yield some bitterness and overall unpleasant off notes, so I keep it at 1.5% most of the time. That seems to be the sweet spot. Including just a dash of FLV Sour Apple amplifies that brightness and almost works as a replacement for citric acid or any sort of sour enhancer you may use. I don't note much apple flavour from this concentrate when used low, but it works beautifully to amplify the tartness of this recipe. However, this is where some of the throat hit will come from, and why a few days is required on the steep.

CAP Sweet Strawberry / FA Strawberry - FA strawberry is bringing most of the flavour in this pairing. I love this concentrate, and it might be my current favourite strawberry. It's not too overpowering, but it's also fairly authentic. We get some inherent sweetness here, but it isn't fake or candied. Just feels like biting into a fresh strawberry that is just slightly under-ripe. Adding CAP Sweet Strawberry to the party brings us that candied note and deep sweetness thanks to the EM that is loaded up in this concentrate. Here, I'm using a higher percentage of CAP Sweet Strawberry to not only round out some of those sour edges on the shake, but also to help assuage that throat hit after a few days of steeping.

OPTIONAL - FA Polar Blast - I use about 10 drops of Polar Blast per 15 ml in this one and it adds a nice touch of coldness to this. Because, really, why wouldn't you want some icy cold element in a lemonade vape?

Steep - Shake and Vape is good, but give this one about 2 or 3 days to really round out and allow those more biting notes of tartness to mellow out.

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