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(FLV) Sour Apple

By: Flavorah (FLV)

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This is a ADV for me it’s my crack to vaping. I go thru a bottle 60 ml in three days. Shake and vape certified. Mixed at 70/30


Look at the OG post if you want info.

This is the Sour Strawberry recipe, just adjusted for pod devices. Cool.

"Since I Hate the State That Reddit Is In, I Figured I Would Post Something to Piss Everyone Off"

Remember when pop punk bands used to write songs that had excessively long song titles like that? Yeah, I guess I'm bringing it back.

Anyway, I'm not gonna do a super in depth breakdown of this, because it's pretty obvious how it works, but I'll do a proper flavour note documentation on reddit here in a little bit. This is just what it seems to be, a slightly tart and bright strawberry recipe. I was initially going for a candied strawberry soda profile, but it wasn't working out, so I went for a more tart strawberry, and that worked nicely. I'll post both of these, because I did a version that works really nicely in pod devices as well. Enjoy.

Now this turned into something completely different than what you would expect from these 4 ingredients. I was watching mixing vixens on you tube and they were doing all flavorah recipes and i happen to love making all flavorah recipes. SO i set out to use some flavors i either hadnt used ever like flv apricot and flavors i dont use very often. I was aiming for a sour peach gummy and what i got was more of a realistic juicy peach!! I mean it may have a slightly artificial taste but for me its more of a juicy peach in a sugary syrup absolutely delicious if you ask me. I haven't done it yet but i feel like this delicious peach would work great in a peach ice cream or frozen yogurt or just plain yogurt or peaches and cream. I am sharing this because i dislike almost every peach other than a select few but i cant seem to put this peach down. It is a dripping juicy peach with a sugary sweetness. Sweeten to taste with your preferred sweetener or dont sweeten at all your call. Enjoy!!

Its a dam good peach!!!!

Nice sweet and sour tropical Punch. Needs no steep just a good shake n vape. As the weather starts to get warmer this is a perfect summertime vape. Mix, shake and enjoy. Made at 65/35pg.

I've been meaning to rework this recipe for a while...the original is still to this day one of my favorites.

Comes off harsh as a shake and vape but that does steep out after a week.

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This is my recipe for the DIY Mixers Crew apple challenge

It's a green and tart apple, wrapped in chocolate and a small pistachio sand layer on top

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Just a nice sweet and sour Crisp Green Apple. Great off shake. The Sweetener is optional but for me it makes the recipe more vibrant.

Inspired by this Weeks Noted Episode

Jelly Candy and 27 Bears for a gummy bear flavor, Flavorah Sour Apple to add a nice sour apple fruit note, Vanilla Swirl to add a little chew, and Lemon Sicily to brighten the fruit a bit

I wanted to create a nice tore cream without the flaky cake layers. I made this and it came out perfect for my taste buds. The raspberries and Sour apple make a nice sweet and sour fruit part. With a Nice creamy sweet Chocalate flavor and the Shisha vanilla rounds out the mix to soften it up into a nice well balanced cream.

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