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I love coffee at the late hours of the night that often keeps me up until the dawn feeling like a Teeeker -(Pur) caramel coffee w/ sweet milk is the best in my opinion paired with (FlV) RY4 gives it more smooth butterscotch smokiness-The pie crust base is simple (Flv) Cookie and (FA ) Cookie and topped it all off with some vanilla goodness (SSA) whipped Cream and vanilla ice cream..

Riding off into the sunset as a non-smoker is any woman's fantasy. When you just need tobacco that isn't sweet but fulfills that craving, this one is going to give you all the encouragement you need. Made for my beautiful sister Angela on her journey into quitting. Save your lungs ride a cowboy! (Created for a Pod System)


A rich, sweet, smokey RY4 showcasing FLV RY4.
Made for Flavorbook Entry: FLV RY4


Toffee peanut RY4 flavorah has some nutty dark notes I wanted to emphasize in this recipe it does need a steep a few days...

This is my take on Fresh's "RY4 Smoov" over on ELR & an acknowledgement to one of the best members of the DIY community.
@Freshepies thank you for all you do for us from a long time viewer of your channel.

This recipe was adapted from: https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/3946311?

This recipe takes Fresh's "RY4 Smoov" and infuses the RY4 (FLV) with the Bourbon Aged Cream (SC) (WF).
Next I added Vanilla Ruyan Custard (WF) to smooth the line between the RY4 (FLV) and the Vanilla Custard 2 (TPA) & to add a more "dark woody undertone".
Last I decided to add a little more depth and richness with 0.5% of Biscuit (INW).

IMHO this recipe is perfect for kicking back and just relaxing with those dark smoky flavors as the creamy custard just mellows out with you into the darkness of the night.

Note concerning steep time: I've yet to have time to allow a proper steep of this mix due to the RY4 having only been released for a couple of days.

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